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Creatine: The Ergogenic Aid for Weekend Warriors or Professional Athletes

Over the past two decades, there has been much research conducted on the use of creatine supplementation as an ergogenic aid. The use of creatine has been widely accepted by the bodybuilding industry and is manufactured by various distributors under names such as the pill form (for example: Purple K) and as a powder (creatine monohydrate).  In a recent publication by Richard B. Kreider (2003), he states tha ...

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Resistance Training for Beginners: Part 2

In the first installment of Resistance Training for Beginners, I commented on the benefits of resistance training, gym etiquette, and some preventable common mistakes.  In Part 2, I wish to explain the terminology associated with resistance training programs so that you do not seem baffled when you first read the descriptions. Reps? Sets? What? Let’s start with the basics, and the best way to describe this ...

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Resistance Training For Beginners: Part 1

Have you recently decided to put on some muscle mass? Perhaps you have decided to just get fit? You may even be walking into a gym for the very first time and probably are baffled by all the cables, barbells, free weights, and benches. You are not the first person to have ventured into the realm of resistance training. The first time is always the scariest, but crucial. Most people make decisions based off ...

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The Best Muscle Building Supplements That WORK!

So you want to take supplements and are looking for the best muscle building supplements? If you’ve ever gone to vitamin store or maybe you’ve seen them at your gym, you’ll notice that there are such a wide variety of different supplements that are available on the market. While some of them work, majority of the supplements have little to know effect other than a psychological effect where you feel that no ...

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How to Build Lean Muscle Fast

If you’re here then you are most probably very skinny and want to build lean muscle as fast as you can. Well in this article I’m going to show you how you can start packing on rock hard muscle and if you follow these principles then you should see results within weeks! Also note that even if you’re not skinny but actually a bit overweight then no problem, these tips will help you even more because you can t ...

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