Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Guaranteed Weight LossBeing in the fitness industry and reviewing so many fitness and health products online I’ve been able to talk to a lot of weight sufferers and for so long I’ve always been asked a very common question which seems to be the main thing holding people back when it comes to achieving ones weight loss goals.

How come I’m trying everything but just not seeing results? To achieve anything in life you must have a burning desire for that one thing, it should almost become an obsession, relating to weight loss many people have that desire but just don’t find the motivation to make the first step. How do you get this desire and motivation to succeed? Well you create a specific mindset that will guarantee your success.

There are 5 steps that I have followed my entire life to achieve success in ANYTHING I choose, it has never failed me. I was taught these little secret steps from my mentor and now I’m going to share them with you. Note that these principles can be applied to anything you want in life, such as wealth, weight loss, muscle gain, relationships etc…

Step 1 – Decide How Much To Lose

This is the first step which involves that you decide exactly how much weight you want to lose. For this step you might want to go and find out your ideal weight for your height. You want to be as exact as possible, choose the exact number of pounds or kilograms you want to be. Then go grab a blank piece of paper as you’ll need it for the next step…

Step 2 – Decide To Commit

Now you should have the exact amount of weight you intend to lose in your mind. In this step you want to make a definite decision to commit. In order to achieve anything you need to give something, so if you want to lose weight then you have be willing to give your time and energy into achieving it. So, on the piece of paper write down this statement ‘I commit to losing X amount of pounds and to do so I will give all my energy, time and effort in order to achieve this.’

Step 3 – A Definite Date

In this step you are required to decide a definite date to when you want to achieve weight loss. Make sure that you pick the exact day and month you want to achieve it and remember this is just a simple guess; don’t need to put too much thought into it. Just think to yourself, if you did everything right through dieting and exercise, how long it would take you to achieve your desired amount of weight from step 1. I recommend to you what my mentor told me, choose a date that you’ll realise that if you achieve your goal at this time then you know you did so because you followed these 5 exact steps. Now from the previous sentence you wrote in step 2 continue writing the following ‘I will definitely lose X amount of pounds by [insert exact date – MM/DD/YY].’

Step 4 – Plan & Take Action

Now we come to the fifth step which may take a bit more time than the others. For this step you want to plan exactly what you are going to do in order to accomplish your goal. You want to plan out your diet plan, exercise schedule, what you need to get started. For this step I would highly recommend that you check out The Truth About Six Pack Abs or The Diet Solution programs, these will get you started on your planning and you will know EXACTLY what to do in order to reach your goal. Both are brilliant programs that will show you the path to weight loss success.

Write down you exact plan on the same piece of paper from earlier, write down how you will achieve weight loss and what you are going to do. Once you know exactly what you need to do then you need to start immediately! Take action today, not the day after. As soon as you complete your plan go straight to your gym or your exercise space, grab your equipment and start. If you take action right after making your plan then you have taken your first step which is the hardest, if you can take the first step immediately then the rest of the journey will become easier trust me.

Step 5 – Read, Believe and Visualize

This is the absolute most important step to your weight loss success. If you mess this up then you will NOT see the effects as effective. For this step it’s very simple yet it requires some discipline. For this step I would recommend that you laminate or if you’re typing your steps then print out your ‘success paper’ which basically outlines your weight loss goal and how you will achieve it.

Now take this success paper and read it twice daily, once in the morning after you wake up (I like to read mine during breakfast) and once before going to sleep. When I say read I also want you to BELIEVE what you have written and VISUALIZE that you already have the body that you desire. This is very important, as you read you need to imagine that you already have this body and you’re living the life that you want to achieve. It helps to close your eyes and imagine.

So to conclude I want to talk a bit about how this process has actually changed my own life. I used these exact steps and followed step 5 very carefully. Honestly at first even I was a bit skeptical even though I truly respected my mentor but I really thought this wouldn’t work and I’d be back to my old habits. Fortunately I had him there and he kept getting me to follow these steps and to my surprise after a month I was astonished at what I had accomplished. Things such as dieting and exercise that were not working before suddenly started showing results!

If you really want to achieve weight loss then you’ll forget all your skepticism and what if’s and just follow these steps. You’re already trying to lose weight and trying different methods, why not give this a go? It will only take maximum 10 minutes of your time every day and best of all its free to do. Once again, you should probably check out The Diet Solution Program for the perfect diet or if you want an all in one solution then Truth About Six Pack Abs is for you, whether you’re male or female you WILL see success from these programs just like many of our readers are already having.

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