Sunday, March 7, 2021
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eHealthCritic is all about educating you on various health and fitness issues and providing you with solutions to tackle them. We believe in informing our readers with content that is written by professional health experts who not only have studied the science behind your body but they also live healthy lifestyles themselves! They know the problems you face, the difficulties and they have the experience in tackling these issues. So lets get on to introducing them…

Nicholas Ravanelli – He is a freelance writer and creator of the blog Tri 226 where he writes about his experience as an amateur long distance triathlete with aspirations of becoming an Ironman and pro class athlete. Nicholas is currently a 4th year University of Ottawa student finishing off his BSc with a specialization in Human Kinetics. He enjoys informing the public on anything health and fitness related, has presented at fitness conferences, and works part time as a personal trainer for anyone ranging from recreational to high performance athletes.


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