Thursday, April 15, 2021
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acne-no-more-ebook“ACNE”, known as Acne vulgaris in thorough medical terms, is a skin disease that humans all over that worlds suffer from. Most prevalent in adolescents, decreasing in frequency or appearance in adults and older people, acne has become a crucial issue. So far, acne hasn’t been lethal; nonetheless, it causes shrunken self-esteem and in serious cases, even depression and suicide. Acne has sparked off suicidal ideation in an estimated 7.1% patients according to studies. Reports recorded in 2010 stated that acne stood 8th in the list of the most common diseases worldwide, affecting more than 650 million people.

Acne is distinguished by symptoms such as comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), seborrhea (scaly red skin), pimples, nodules (large papules), papules (pinheads), and in some cases- scarring. The occurrence of acne is more in areas that have active sebaceous glands (oil glands) like the chest, the back, the nose or even the whole face.

Pigmentation and scars are the most pig-headed symptoms of acne and take forever to disappear. Taking into consideration the global spread of the disease and the almost desperate demand for a cure, a lot of treatments have been propounded from various departments of medicine and beauty.

Acne is caused by a couple of factors like hormonal changes, diet, genetic components, psychological elements and infectious parts. Hormonal causes are aggravating as they never seem to go away and learning to control hormonal activity without disturbing the rest of your body processes might just be too arduous. While most forms of acne fade away with age, no one would like living their entire teenage covered up in zits. This calls for the need of treatments that could potentially cure hormonal acne and taking into account the manifold options available, it might be a difficult choice to make. So here’s a little assistance in making a choice that you’d never regret.

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What Is Hormonal Acne?

As I’ve already acquainted you to the different causes of acne, you might be familiar with the fact that hormonal changes are one of the prime triggers. Hormonal activity at the time of menstrual cycles and puberty spark off changes that show outwardly in the form of acne. At the time of puberty, acne can be seen in both males and females. During this time, the level of sex hormones – particularly a group called “Androgens” is escalated. This elevated level of androgens causes the enlargement of follicles, thereby increasing the secretion of “sebum” or oil, and results in the formation of hormonal acne.

cystic acneUsually, children are taught not to get too conscious about this kind of acne, because it eventually goes away. However, looks are dear to everyone so this definitely needs a cure.

Similarly, during pregnancy, the same hormonal changes occur, causing sebum secretion to soar, resulting in hormonal acne. In adult women, the presence of acne may indicate an underlying condition like pregnancy, or ailments like polycystic ovary syndrome, Crushing’s syndrome or hirsutism. During menopause, the acne-prompting hormone- testosterone exercises its force unopposed, as the production of estradiol and progesterone (natural anti-acne hormones) drops. Any kind of acne associated with hormonal changes are called hormonal acne and in most cases they need to be treated internally rather than just with external applications.

Hormonal Acne Treatment- Lifestyle Changes

The fact that hormonal acne needs to be taken care of internally more than externally has already been made known to you. So, making certain changes in your lifestyle will bring out a lot of relief from the skin disease, here are a few steps that you could take to soothe the condition-

drink-water11. Eat healthy.

2. Drink water- lots of it.

3. Get proper rest.

4. Pamper yourself- just relax your body and mind.

Treating Hormonal Acne With Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine or medicine of allopathic origin attracts a lot of consumers as it is a fast cure for hormonal acne. However, this approach is accompanied by a lot of side-effects and once you stop your dosage, the symptoms might just rebound. It is due to this trait that conventional medicine is a not-so-advisable route to an acne-free life.

Since the type of acne in question is hormonal acne, the following treatments could be used primarily for the same. Anti-androgen therapy is popular since it is devised to tackle acne causing hormones by using other hormones.

birthcontrol-pills1. Use birth-control pills. The FDA has approved 3 birth control pills for the treatment of acne, all being oral-contraceptives. These pills contain estrogen and progesterone that help lower androgen levels, therefore reducing acne.

2. Spironolactone. This should be taken only after you’ve talked with your doctor. Spironolactone is an antidiuretic that blocks the binding of androgen receptors, hence reducing the chances of acne formation due to hormonal fluctuations.

A Permanent Cure for Acne

Nearly all other methods do not last very long in the treatment of acne. You will need a continuous supply of medicine or drugs to keep the pimples at bay, and doing this constantly will only transform your body into a chemical dump yard. Instead, choosing a permanent cure that you need to buy only once and use whenever you want to, wherever you please to would be a 100X better option.

And here’s that option that I speak of- Acne No More, an eBook based on holistic healing, completely natural techniques that will never forsake you.

Acne No More, pioneered by Mike Walden- a health consultant, certified nutritionist and medical researcher is a life-time cure for acne of all types irrespective of the cause and the patient. A completely organized book of instructions laid out in the most comprehensible manner possible, that’s sure to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, Acne No More doesn’t just shoo-away the acne, but gives you beautiful skin and a healthier lifestyle.

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What’s Behind the Effectiveness?

Acne No More works to remove acne internally and externally, but emphasizes more on internal healing and that is exactly what hormonal acne needs. This is made eminent by the steps that are included in the program-

STEP 1: Prepares you mentally for the holistic healing

STEP 2: Teaches you the truth about acne

Acne-2STEP 3: The Acne No More System- Contains the five pillars of the book, The quick results mini program,
the basic step-by-step Acne No More System, the advanced step-by-step Acne No More System,
the Acne No More maintenance plan.

STEP 4: Cleanses and flushes your body

STEP 5: Detoxifies your skin

STEP 6: Tells you how nutrition, supplementation and candida elimination can catalyze the healing

STEP 7: Stress control, exercising, sleep optimization, sunlight and fresh air.

STEP 8:  External skin care secrets.


All in all, I’d say, Acne No More is much better than any conventional adult acne treatments or any other treatment for that matter. Considering the adverse effects that conventional medicine brings along with its healing properties, this is definitely not a 100% safe choice. Also, lifestyle changes could be more potent in creating a difference, but the wait would be too long since the cause is internal. Another drawback for the lifestyle change method is- sticking to it. Most people tend to leave it half-ways and jump back to their usual routine. This calls for the need of a guide that will take you step by step towards an acne-free life, with utmost motivation and proven formulae.

Acne No More couldn’t get better, as it brings together all aspects of acne-healing, not just from the periphery, but from the very root. Moreover, there’s a 60 day no-hassle guaranteed refund incase you’re not satisfied with the product. Also, 5 additional bonuses accompany the product. With absolutely nothing at stake, such an opportunity should NOT be missed, so make a wise choice and place an order right away!


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