Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Eczema-Free-Forever-ebook-image-300Eczema is a skin disorder characterized by inflammation. The condition has managed to draw a lot of attention worldwide and surplus measures have been proposed to treat eczema. The disease also goes by the name “dermatitis”, however the two names cannot be used interchangeably as “eczema” is a chronic version and “dermatitis” is acute. While it might not be a very big risk to treat other patients, treating eczema in children is something that needs a lot of care and caution. You’d almost have to tip-toe through the treatment, owing to the delicate baby skin that is 100X more susceptible to further complications. 

The most common symptom of eczema in newborns is a yellow scalp rash that appears in significant thickness accompanied by a diaper rash. Baby eczema is often confused with another kind of rash called “Cradle Cap”, also distinguished by dry, red, itchy skin. Eczema usually begins to appear when the baby is 6 months old. Most babies outgrow the condition with time, but if proper care isn’t taken, a lot of complications can be triggered. 18 months are sufficient for the clearance of baby eczema all by itself, but that sure is a long period to allow your baby suffer.

Baby eczema is mostly caused by genetic factors, the infant inherits the disease if either of the parents possess it. About 10-15% of children are affected and it is just difficult to watch them lying restless, covered in rashes. There are a lot of treatments available for baby eczema, but you’d have to be very careful while choosing one, you don’t want to hurt your baby. Here are a few ways in which you could treat eczema in babies-

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Lifestyle Changes to Treat Baby Eczema

1. Lukewarm baths. Always bathe your baby in lukewarm water to prevent the skin from over drying. Test the temperature with the back of your palm, do not let it get hot.

baby_shampoo_new2. Use mild soaps and shampoos. Do not keep switching between soaps and shampoos as an infant’s skin is sensitive and gets used to one particular combination of ingredients, try keeping it that way. But make sure that you use a very mild soap and shampoo- keep it as natural as possible, also, do not rub the skin at all.

3. Very short baths. Keep the duration of the baths as short as possible. Bathing your baby for too much time will only dehydrate the skin further and worsen the itchiness.

4. Pat the baby dry. Do not rub the skin while you’re drying the child, use a patting motion instead of rubbing.

5. Use comfortable clothes. Dress your baby in loose, breathable clothing and watch the fabric. Do not use irritating fabric or tight clothing as this will only aggravate the condition.

6. Trim your baby’s nails. Eczema induces itchiness and the baby tends to scratch the affected area, this might cause bleeding. SO make sure that your toddler’s nails are always trimmed. You could also cover the hands with soft mittens.

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A Quick, Permanent Cure for Eczema

Apart from lifestyle changes, there are a lot of recommendations to use this and that to treat eczema. But when it is your baby at the receiving end, the precautions swell up 100X more. A baby’s skin and entire system is very sensitive and needs to be handled carefully. Any random home remedy or over the counter topical cream that you find on the internet or as a suggestion given by someone cannot be used on the baby as it might complicate the condition. Although natural ways to treat baby eczema are safer than chemical cures, even alternative medicine can do much harm if used in a wrong way. As I’ve already mentioned, most babies outgrow eczema, but this takes a good amount of time and no one can just leave a baby to suffer for that long.

1month-eczemaEczema Free Forever is a handbook that can cure baby eczema and not just suppress the symptoms. The guide comes in the form of an easily downloadable eBook and was authored by Rachel Anderson, a skin care specialist. The book contains step-by-step instructions to take down eczema and it really does cure eczema, it doesn’t matter whether the person is an infant or grown-up, male or female, etc.

Considering the fact that baby eczema is mostly hereditary, there are all chances that the parents also are targets of the condition, so you can not only cure your baby, but also yourself. The book clears eczema of all types and intensities. It is based on holistic healing, which means that it doesn’t work superficially, but gets to the root of the problem and fixes it right from that level. Apart from curing eczema, the Eczema Free Forever brings in a lot of other health benefits.

The Verdict

Weighing all other treatments against Eczema Free Forever, I feel the latter is definitely the winner. Chemicals are too harsh on grown ups’, you could imagine what they can do to your baby, so it’s best to give it a miss. Home remedies aren’t safe either, especially if you keep taking every second person’s advice. This narrows down to a completely secured treatment, free of chemicals and sure to deliver results without harming your child, and Eczema Free Forever is just what you need. Apart from all other health benefits, the book comes with 7 free bonuses-

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Also, if the results fail to satisfy you, there’s a 100% cash-back offer within 60 days of purchase that you can bank on. So go ahead and place your order right away and uproot eczema!


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