Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Bodyweight Burn Details

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Are you constantly struggling to lose the layers of fat that your body has accumulated? Have most weight loss programs failed miserably at helping you lose your fat?

Bodyweight Burn claims that it’s the one program that can easily and effectively help you lose weight. You may have seen the raving reviews that the program has gotten all over the internet. Let’s read on to learn if this is unjustified hype or if this program actually deserves the acclaim it has received.

Who Created Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight burn is the brainchild of Adam Steer. Adam Steer is a fitness expert who’s had an interest in fitness since when he was young. He took an interest in alpine skiing at a very early age and become a coach for many renowned alpine skiers.

Adam has years of experience in coaching, and worked as an examiner for the International Inline Skating Association. He gained a lot of expertise in the field of fitness, personal training, and weight loss through his inline skating work.

What are The Principles of Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn is focused on three very important aspects of fitness, which are exercise, diet, and lifestyle. These three very important principles work in combination to give you the body you want. The program teaches you how to exercise well, eat a proper diet, and live a lifestyle that’s conducive to weight loss. The whole program is split into two phases, recovery and optimization. Recovery focuses on getting your body back to a healthy state. Optimization is fine tuning your exercise, diet, and lifestyle for maximum efficiency.

Bodyweight Burn’s Exercise Program

This program focuses entirely on bodyweight exercises. This means you don’t have to shell out cash for an expensive gym membership.  These workout programs are quick to do and easy to learn. In fact, there are detailed diagrams included. I will warn you that these programs are intense and you will be tired and panting for breath. However, this means that you’ll burn fat very quickly.

There are three types of exercises that are covered in this program. The first one is the Cardio flow workout. This is essentially high intensity cardio but it’s short enough that the workouts are highly effective. The reason he discourages long periods of cardio is because it actually hurts your weight loss efforts. Too much cardio releases cortisol (the stress hormone). Cortisol is very bad for you and can hurt your weight loss efforts. Additionally a lot of cardio will stress your joints and can cause injuries. There’s a reason why you see runner’s get injured so very often.

The second type of workout is an Afterburn workout. This workout uses Interval training to kick start your metabolism and put it into overdrive. Your body will be burning calories even while resting due to the Afterburn interval workouts!

The third type of workout is the metabolic-muscle workout. This workout involves building muscle throughout your body. Muscle helps you lose weight as your body requires calories to maintain muscle. Gaining muscle can supercharge your weight loss and make you look amazing.

Bodyweight Burn’s Nutrition Program

There’s extensive information on the correct nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.  Adam Steer claims that a huge issue with current American diets is that most Americans eat unhealthy foods that our bodies can’t handle. The reason we have higher rates of obesity than other countries is because of our dependence on fried foods, High Fructose Corn Syrup, starchy carbs, and foods filled with too much sugar.

Adam instead suggests that follow a diet system which focuses on healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy carbs, and nuts. However, he does not tell you to completely cut out all your favorite junk foods but he suggests minimizing the amount of “bad” foods you eat. This does not mean you should completely deprive yourself of everything you like to eat. He doesn’t ask you to starve yourself either. You’ll have plenty of energy with Bodyweight Burn’s nutrition program.

Does this Program Work?

In a word, yes. The program is based on scientific principles that are well documented in studies. For example, this study shows how Interval training (the type used in this program) is vastly superior to steady cardio. The nutritional advice is solid and quite easy to stick to. The principles are based on scientifically proven weight loss methods but are flexible enough to make sure you can steal enjoy the occasional cheat meal!

Most users of Bodyweight Burn have experienced significant long term weight loss. However, do not think this program is an easy magic pill. You still have to stick to the program which is not easy by any means.

Like anything in life, hard work yields results.

Pros and Cons of Bodyweight Burn


– This nutritional program is easy to follow and not too strict. Additionally the nutritional program will not drain you of energy like other diet programs.

– The exercise program is extremely effective and quick to do. It also doesn’t require an expensive gym.

– The program as a whole does what it promises, and helps you lose weight very quickly.

– The product is digitally delivered, so you can start reading it instantly.

– Bodyweight Burn only costs 97$.

– A lot of bonuses, such as the BW3 Workout System Integration Guide, the Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide, Supplement Guide, Video Mobility Coaching, and Beyond Sit ups.


– While the program has detailed diagrams of the images I would have appreciated video demonstrations of the exercises.

– The program’s download size is quite large, and it takes a while to download.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Bodyweight Burn. This is a program that gives you the information that can allow you to lose all your extra body weight with some effort. For a low price of 97 dollars, it’s a steal. What are you waiting for? Go grab and start your journey towards becoming a sexy fit person.

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