Friday, April 16, 2021
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tom_venuto_img_newStarvation, magic pills, over-time in the gym, surgery, etc. and yet no results or results accompanied with horrendous and sometimes even fatal side-effects. Fed up yet? I guess that’s a nod in agreement. So, while you begin reading this, the prejudice might have already set in with that “damn traitor!” thought in your mind. Well, after all those miserably failed attempts to lose weight, all that time that you’ve lost trying to look your best, this might just be that one last cookie on the tray that will lead you to your way of destroying all that fat completely and permanently, never to licence it to return again.

Tom Venuto, a Bodybuilding champion, after more than 20 years of thorough research, has published his secrets to building a body that will never need to be photoshopped ever again. BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLE is a program that will not just attract the needle on your scale to the left, but will also help you nurture all those muscles that contribute to making you look good 24/7.

Burn the fat feed the muscle review. This is a promising approach that aims to transform your body within 49 days of adaption to it. Venuto’s masterpiece is a 100% efficient routine that will also explain the foods that you have to strictly stay away from, and the reasons of all the exercises mentioned. The technique that he had taken mileage from is to utilize the energy that gets liberated once the fats melt, for the workout sessions proposed by him. So, in this way, you will never run out of energy, as there’s a continuous supply of healthy food, along with the fats already stored in your body that act as a never-ending reservoir for all the ATP required.

If you’re lean, you’ll end up with those long-awaited six pack abs. The book is easily available in a downloadable pdf e-book format, and that is all you need to look and feel healthy, get un-ending energy and be a complete show stopper with those ravishing looks and confidence. Further, there are 5 bonuses that accompany the product, one of which is a 60 day free access to Burn The Fat Inner Circle Private Members Only site.

What you will learn from the book.

man-working-out• The top 12 foods that you should never ever eat. This will only cause the recurrence of fat, and will never rid you permanently of it.

• The top best foods that will catalyse the fat-burn and muscle build.

• Fat burning nutrition techniques that will help you melt it no matter if your metabolism is slow or your genetics are bad or whatsoever.

• Ways to improve your metabolic activity.

• Which body type is yours under and how to feed your body right, depending on that category.

• Breakthrough tips that Venuto had tried and tested and proved successful in ridding the blubber.

• Fat-destroying cardio, a detailed explanation on how it works for your body and when you should do it for maximum impact.

• 7 strategies that will redeem you from ever going into starvation mode, so that you never run out of energy.


1. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about replacing the fat with muscle. This way, letting Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, you don’t just merely get fat-free, but also build muscle in the place of it, which will not leave any more space for the storage of more fats.

2. Boosted metabolism. Now, in the past, you might have tried out a whole lot of diets in that driving craze to lose fat, but let me tell you, you’ve just cannibalized your own muscle, thereby giving room to fat, and slowing down metabolism. So Venuto’s program takes care of that too, giving you a whole bunch of breakthrough tips that teach you how to stabilize metabolism.

3. No supplements required. You really don’t need to bear the expenses for any kind of supplements, as this is a method that solely believes in the dietary plan and the exercise routine. That saves a lot, doesn’t it?

4. This will NOT need you to take ingest steroids or any drugs. Usually, to get that steaming body in a short period of time, most of us get blown away by the action of steroids and other quick-fix drugs. Well, Venuto strictly detests the idea, and instead tells you what long-term serious injurious effects they can cause you. Besides, 49 days is quick enough to keep you away from anything as deceptive.


1. The cardio part of it might not be convenient to everyone. Most of us quickly get tired of cardio and quit before even trying. But Venuto shows you precisely how to do it without over or under doing it.

2. Not suitable for patients and pregnant women. Obviously not the best thing to do when you’re not keeping well, and well, for pregnant women, you can always give it a shot after that phase.

So, the program is designed so effectively that I couldn’t figure out any more cons than that. 49 days is too good for you to miss out on something like this. Besides, there’s a complete no-hassle refund within 8 weeks of purchase, if you’re left with anything less than satisfactory. I guess that should be convincing enough for you to go get it right away. After all those deceptive programs that have webbed and left you with no results, this should be the unknotting factor that will help you melt fat like butter in an oven. So, when there’s absolutely nothing to lose, get going and give it a shot.

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