Thursday, April 15, 2021
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980xHate the fact that you always have to hide and check your weight? And you simply do not want to believe the readings that you see; you end up cursing the weighing scale?! After all those dieting plans that you’ve left incomplete, exercise left mid-way, you’re frustrated with your futile attempts to lose weight. The main key to achieving what you want is to never quit, no matter how bright and shiny the things that come in your way look and feel.

So, if you’re really vexed with starting over like a gazillion times, you should first stop quitting. Now, this route to weight loss, is one that doesn’t really require you to over load yourself with so much exercise that you have absolutely no time for anything else, nor will it give you make you feel like you’re doing it all on force.

Tyler Bramlett, a functional training expert and a USAW Sports Performance coach, also known as the “Garage Warrior”, owing to his long scouring journey to unravelling the secrets to workouts that will effectively bring about fitness in you, has discovered a solution. Bramlett, after 10 years of completely dedicated, intense research had launched a 100 percent fruitful fitness program called Cross-training 50 or simply CT-50.

What Is Ct-50?

Now, you might be wondering… “Awhh..Just another boring exercise routine that’s going to rip my muscles and make me drip sweat and blood!” Well, hang on there! The first thing that you should know before going through this Ct-50 review is… Bramlett has, after going through a road accident, planned and proposed this system, as during the days when he was off gym and training, he discovered various other body movements that he studied and perfected. And this method, come to be known as Ct-50, is a complete package of workouts that will cause you to burn maximum fat, and you know what’s so great about it? Well, you’re required to dedicate no more than 1 hour a week. How good is that? However, there are five different levels, each more challenging than the other. But there’s nothing much to worry about that as, after you’re done with the one level, your body efficiency is elevated in order that you don’t have to stress too much to carry on to the next.

What The Package Contains.

Ct-50 Main Manual. It will sure make you happy to know that you could get a healthy, good-looking and fit body only with simple workouts that this manual will show you. It is a step-by-step guide that will make even some of the most seemingly challenging movements as simple as driving on an empty road. It also shows you how to eat Ct-50 style as that triggers faster and better results if strictly used along with the exercise routine.

Video Follow Along Workouts. This sector encapsulates 50 complete follow-along workouts, each placed under one level (There are 5 levels on the whole). Bramlett has used Progressive Movement Technology, as each level increases, the intensity of the challenge increases, but you’re shown really easy ways to make those complex looking movements simple.

•Comprehensive Instructional Videos. These videos will make you feel the presence of Bramlett as your personal trainer right beside you. The videos cover 96 exercises of the program and educate you with easy techniques to carry out all the workouts and also acquaint you to the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Ct-50 Wall Charts. Now you don’t have to go all… “Urrghhh.. I forgot the exercise and I’m in no mood to go through the entire thing to find it!”. The package provides you with wall charts that act as a quick reference guide, you can just take printouts and paste them wherever you like. That will save you all the video-watching time.

Ct-50 Work-Out Score Sheets. As the name suggests, these are sheets that will help you in keeping score of how much fat you’ve burnt and replaced with muscle. You will have to tick off certain criteria, and then you can progress to the next level. Now this is something really motivational right?

•Ct-50 Quick-Start Guide. Efficacy reaches the peak when the time taken to produce results is at its least. So this is a step-by-step guide that will be that extra adrenaline rush to achieving what you’ve always yearned for. It focuses on high-impact movements that will transform you in a really short time.


exercise1. It’s a program designed for both men and women. Doesn’t matter what age or sex you belong to and how terribly, inflexibly out of shape your body seems to be. Anyone who adheres firmly to the program is sure to be rewarded in abundance.

2. No gym or exercise equipment required. All you have to do is follow the movements, you don’t need to go to the gym or even buy any extra equipment so that saves you a lot.

3. Very effective dietary plan that will help you lose fat fast and never get it back. The diet focuses on food that will make you lose fat and build up muscle in the place of it.

4. No supplements required. Now, when you go to the gym, you always feel that missing piece if you’re working out without supplement intake, but here, there are zero supplements needed, the diet alone acts as a supplement to the exercise regimen. So Ct-50 fitness is something really cost-effective and permanent (Ifyou stick to the routine).

5. it’s an absolutely natural way to shed those ever rebounding pounds. So there’s no possible way that you can see any side effects.

6. The wall charts are an awesome idea. They help you remember all the exercises on a glance so you don’t have to waste time going through the entire guide all over again.


1. Patience required. Well, the Ct-50 program isn’t some kind of magic spell that once cast will shed all your fat, although the results stay and come quick, you do have to put in some amount of effort in order that there’s no deviation from the actual requirements.

2. Not suitable for people with bad medical conditions or pregnant women. Well, as we all know, this might not being the wisest thing to do for any of you who have been restricted by your physicians, and of course for pregnant women. So you better consult your physician if your keenness won’t let you miss out on this.

So, I guess you’re all set to give this a shot and achieve that dream body and make it stay. And if you’re not… I guess there should be nothing holding you back as there are absolutely no cons to this in exceptions of illness and pregnancy. What’s more? You get a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase if the product isn’t satisfactory, so when there’s nothing left to lose, why not try it out and celebrate a win?


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