Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Customized Fat Loss Details

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Customized Fat loss is a new weight loss program by fitness expert Kyle Leon. As the name implies, it offers a customized fitness and nutrition program for everyone which takes into account their age, gender, weight, and body type. Unlike most other fitness programs which offer a “one size fits all” approach, Customized Fat Loss works by customizing the program to the person.

Who is Kyle Leon?

Kyle Leon - Before & AfterWhile the concept sounds interesting and very innovative, any program will fall flat if it has been created by an Internet Marketer instead of an actual fitness expert. I decided to do some research into Kyle Leon to figure out if he is an actual expert and authority. What I found was surprising. He’s not some skinny Internet Marketing dweeb. He’s an actual bodybuilder who has been featured in fitness magazines.

His story is very interesting. He used to be skinny when he was younger, and could not become muscular despite trying out all the supplements on the market. The turning point was when he was in college and was the roommate of a well-known fitness model. After grilling him for his “insider” information, his roommate revealed that becoming fit depends massively on nutrition and diet. He guided him to an expert nutritionist who charged big money to teach Kyle Leon what to eat. Kyle followed the nutritionist’s advice to the letter and he started gaining weight within a few weeks. He kept following his nutritionist’s advice and he eventually achieved his dream of being a bodybuilder!

His experience with the nutritionist showed him the importance of having a customized nutrition and fitness program. The program his nutritionist gave him was far different than the one given to this roommate. Different people have different needs.

What Are the Principles of Customized Fat Loss?

As part of my Customized Fat Loss review I’ll go over the program’s principles to give you a good idea of what this program entails.

Customization of Fitness and Nutrition – The most important principle of Customized Fat Loss is that we all are different and require a customized fitness program. A 45 year old woman who weighs 200 pounds and is 5”9 requires something far different from a scrawny 17 year old boy who weighs 130 pounds and is 5”11. The program includes software where you input your own body statistics and it provides a completely customized program based on how old you are, you weight, and body type. Every aspect of your nutrition and workouts is laid out to you. All you have to do is follow the program and stick to it.

Different Body Types Require Different Types of Work – The program also focuses on the different body types and the different sort of training and nutrition required for each body type. The primary body types are endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs. Ectomorphs are skinny and have a lot of issues gaining muscle. Mesomorphs are well proportioned and have an easy time gaining muscle muss. Endomorphs tend to gain fat easily and can very easily become overweight. He also says that many people are a mix of two of those categories and they require very unique diets and workout routines.

Your age determines your metabolism – Our body’s metabolism generally slow down as we get older. This means eating what we did at 18 will not cut it when we are 35. We must adapt as we get older and focus on eating a proper diet for our age. We also have to change the type of nutrients we take in as we get older. For example, Kyle suggests that people cut down on their carbohydrates as they get older and focus on getting those calories through protein and fats.

Exercise must be done in the right way – Customized Fat Loss focuses on sprints and weight training instead of steady cardio. Jogging on the treadmill for an hour is not as effective as 10-15 minutes of very intense sprinting. Weight training is also extremely important as it helps increase muscle mass while simultaneously increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

My Customized Fat Loss Review

I decided to check out the customized program for myself. I myself have a current fitness plan that I stick to which brings me great results. I was surprised to see that the Customized Fat Loss software created a program which was very close to the one I have right now. The diet and nutritional plan is also similar to what I use right now (a high protein and low carbohydrate diet). The same information would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you get it from a nutritionist or fitness expert.

Additionally I experimented with inputting different body types and weights. I inputted in Ectomorph, Endomorphic, and mesomorph body types. The results were different for each body type to bring about the best results for each body type. I consulted a friend of mine who’s a fitness trainer and he was impressed by the fitness and nutritional plans the program created for different body types. I also inputted in information for women and it gave me a completely customized plan.

The exercise routines work because they are focused on the fundamentals that work. Weight training and sprints help your body lose weight even when resting because they raise your metabolism. If you stick to the weight training plan and the diet you will see amazing results because it is based on the fundamentals and real exercise science.

Concluding thoughts on the Customized Fat Loss Program

This program works. Unlike other fitness programs, the customization allows anyone to achieve great results with the program. This is a program that will give good results for a lot of people since it can easily be adjusted to different body types and eat habits. If you follow the instructions in this program, you will gain the sexy body that you’ve always wanted.

The program only costs $47. The product is digitally delivered and you can start your workout the day you buy the program. What’s my final conclusion? This is a must buy for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and achieve their dream body. So if you’re ready then click the ‘Download Now’ button below…

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