Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Eat-Stop-EatBrad Pilon’s popular book, Eat Stop Eat has had a recently released update, which is an extended edition of the three-year old copy regarding intermittent fasting weight loss. This new edition is quite a tremendous improvement from the original version of the book. The book basically deals with the various factors regarding the set diet one must follow in order to lose weight.

The book

Brad Pilon initially created this book in order to tell the world about the concepts, benefits and ideas behind following an intermittent fasting diet. The book also includes carious workout strategies and rules one must follow in order for the diet to be a complete success. Eat Stop Eat is a complete culmination of Pilon’s research done during his graduate studies in applied nutrition. These findings were then combined with his previous experiences in the industry of diet-supplements.

BradPilonIn this new extended edition of the book, Pilon provides the readers with simple instructions and practical advice regarding tailored diets to suit individual needs. Logic and rules behind this entire diet is explained in a detailed fashion and resistance training workouts are also recommended.

Book Explains Every Concept and The Science Behind it

Eat Stop Eat Extended Edition is written in very simple language and has about 175 pages in total. The brief compilation makes it quite easy to read in just one sitting. Every concept is explained in detail and the science behind each has been stated with researched evidence.

Despite all the heavy concepts and their explanations, there is hardly any usage of tedious scientific jargons. The Eat Stop Eat pdf version can be easily downloaded and viewed from any web browser all over the world. The book tackles several questions regarding the diet and the benefits of intermittent fasting, muscle gain and weight loss, making the e-book quite famous as a reliable diet resource.

The Eat Stop Eat diet program

Quite often, the industry of diet supplements usually comes up with new ingredients and products, claiming to solve the woes of weight gain in a short span of time. Sometimes, these products are even backed by reliable research and scientific concepts. However, most of the times it just happens to be a lucky discovery by a scientist. Even though you seem impressed by those products, you end up tossing them out after a few uses. You are constantly in search of a miracle diet plan.

Everybody at some point in time would have considered not eating anything in order to lose weight. This is exactly what the eat stop eat diet is all about. According to nationalist/athlete Brad, all these products and ingredients fail to work as they only make you want to eat more. Instead, you should be reducing the amount of food you consume. Through this revolutionary diet, Pilon helps readers dispel every misconception they have regarding starvation and fasting methods. Eat Stop Eat basically provides quite a flexible, yet simple weight loss route.

The Concept Behind it All

eatstopeat7The entire diet is based on an intermittent fasting plan, which completely focuses on the effects and benefits of short term fasting and how it fluctuates the body’s rate of metabolism. The Eat Stop Eat plan helps anyone lose weight quickly without drastically changing their lifestyle or eating habits. It is planned in such a way that it only restores the calorific balance by creating a certain balance in the body between the ‘fasted’ and ‘fed’ states. According to what Pilon says in the book, a human can either use-up stored calories at a time or consume calories.

It is necessary that there be a balance between the two states in order for significant amount of weight loss. When your body tends to be in a constant ‘fed’ or calorie consuming state, it tends to result in weight gain, and also vice versa. The entire foundation of this diet plan referred to in this book is based on the proven research that fasting is by far the best way known to man, which can help with easy restoration of calorific balance in the body.

Eat Stop Eat review: Strong points

Apart from being quite a pleasant reading experience, despite being twice as long as the original version, it is completely filled with valuable information and doesn’t contain any filler material. Sufficient information regarding intermittent fasting benefits and effects on lepton, testosterone, inflammation and cortisol have been added in the book, new chapters have been dedicated to blood glucose, fasted training, effects on the brain, workout strategies and other necessary topics. Questions in the Eat Stop Eat Extended Edition deal with a plethora of important information regarding the body and are presented in an appealing fashion.

There have been many Eat Stop Eat reviews, and all of them recommend sharing Pilon’s advice regarding intermittent fasting. One of the weak points in the original edition was the part about resistance training; it didn’t have sufficient muscle training or circuit training workout plans. However, in this new edition, Brad ends up covering the basics of resistance training and even provides readers with excellent advice related to progressive overloading, training frequency guidelines and others. There is an addition to the chapter list, which is about workout designs, making it quite useful for beginners who intend to practice the diet. With so many positive points, it is quite hard to pick out negative ones regarding this book.


Final word

Eat Stop Eat Extended Edition is quite a user-friendly book, which is scientifically accurate and well referenced. Currently, this is the only book that is topping the charts regarding intermittent fasting benefits. Brad Pilon has done an impressive job on dispelling the various myths regarding dieting, supported by sufficient proof. However, the author did leave out nutritional guidelines and meal plan information with the intention of trying to promote a lifestyle diet rather than the actual ‘diet’ diet. This new edition is a definite improvement from the original book and investing in a copy is going to be worth it. It emphasizes on how reducing your calories and increasing your levels of activity is the best way to lose weight.

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