Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Eating-for-Energy-reviewLosing weight and keeping it off is something that almost every health and fitness- conscious person would desire. You might’ve already downloaded like a zillion e-books on how to do it, and yes, most probably might have atleast started with each of the programs.

Now, the most common reason why most of us forsake all those insane diet plans is that after a certain period of time, although we begin to see results, the cravings for tasty food drive us off track. And BOOM! The diets are all down the drain and we revolute back to square one.

It will come as a surprize for you to know that you can actually eat food that will satisfy your cravings, while shaping you and making you feel boosted up with energy 24/7. To be honest, all the food isn’t that delicious, but they sure do have mechanisms that will work inside your body, taking care of the cravings.

Yuri Elkaim, a registered kinesiologist, a certified Holistic Nutritionist and a professional coach of the men’s soccer team in the University of Toronto, has established the program called “EATING FOR ENERGY”. Elkaim had faced a terribly tenacious auto-immune disease in his childhood, which caused him a lot of hair-fall and energy loss to such a great extent that he had not felt strong enough to sustain his daily activities, even though he was a member of the men’s soccer team. After seeking comfort in numerous medical therapies and even home remedies, the guy was completely devastated with the null effects. So, he had resorted to one final attempt, and worked sweat and blood in his research to find a solution. That was when EATING FOR ENERGY was born, a solution that destroyed permanently all of Elkaim’s complications and proved to be amazingly constructive for a thousand other people too.

What is Eating For Energy?

Eating For Energy review. This is NOT a program that will solely make you feel as energetic as a super hero or sodium metal plunged in water. Apart from gaining scintillating energy, you will enjoy a couple of other benefits that accompany, that will just sweep you off your feet.

The program is derived from century old techniques and it focuses on the advantages that you will bring upon your health and appearance by eating raw food (mostly plant based raw food). Elkaim explains in detail how raw food works to escalate your whole lifestyle to an uber stable level. He lists out the foods to eat for energy, most of which are raw, and tells us that they are better off uncooked, because cooking strips them off all the vital nutrients.

Eating For Energy consists of high energy diets that will also assist your body in preventing diseases and some of them might also get cured as it boosts up your immune system, while working on energy levels. You will also get a glowy skin, shed loads of excess fat and improve the alkalinity of your body.

Eating For Energy contains a whole lot of recipes and energy foods that aim to keep your self-confidence, appearance and health soaring. The program is available in the form of a downloadable e-book.


1. Cost effective. Eating For Energy doesn’t encourage all those so called magical supplements or steroids that claim to intensify energy, muscle, etc. almost overnight. The omission of all that from the program makes it very economical, as all that you need is right there in your kitchen.

2. No side effects. Need I say this? Afterall what harm can eating healthy cause you? Zero.

3. Loss of weight as a bonus. In the process of boosting your energy levels, you also shed a lot of extra pounds with the Eating For Energy program, so it’s just like a genie in a bottle, you can always wish for an additional wish.

4. Great skin and body balance. As most of the foods that you are required to consume in this program are RAW, the effects of all the nutrients are 10X that of cooked food. So, this ensures that you have great, glowy skin and maintain body balance.

5. The results are permanent. The results grab compliments and make them perpetual, provided you stick to the routine.

6. The explanation is kept simple and easily absorbable. The audio recordings are a brilliant idea, and will be refreshing once you’re bored of turning pages. However, even the book is interesting and filled with a lot of facts about the mechanism of action of every single thing that you eat.


image1. Not a quick-fix at all.“Anything that’s worth having, is sure enough worth fighting for, quitting’s out of the question, when it gets tough, gotta fight some more”- Cheryl Cole. Well, that’s just one of her songs, but yes, if you really want something that’s so potent and promises to stay forever, you have to adhere strongly to it and fight all your cravings to quit. So you can proceed with the program only if you are willing to work REAL HARD for a short period of time, as you won’t achieve results overnight and the route isn’t a walk in the park.

2. Might not be suitable for pregnant women and patients with bad medical conditions. Now, raw food might not cause any damage as far as my knowledge tells me, but its better you consult your physician before taking a step forward.

So, as the program leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the entire energy, health, fitness and appearance of your body is amplified to a soaring level, I think there is absolutely NO REASON to hold you back from giving it a shot right away. Moreover, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, as there is a guaranteed 60 day-100% money back facility incase you aren’t satisfied with the product. No harm in giving Eating For Energy a try, afterall it really is something that has zero side effects and is a permanent solution.

I wish you all the luck in keeping your spirits high! Happy “health” shopping!


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