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Eczema-Free-Forever-ebook-image-300Eczema is an inflammatory disease that affects human skin. The disease can spread all over the body and is also known by the name “Dermatitis”. “Dermatitis” and “Eczema” define the same condition, however, they cannot be used interchangeably as the former describes an acute form and the latter, a chronic form of the disorder. Eczema is mainly characterized by itchiness, followed by a lot of other symptoms like redness, swelling, burning, bumpy rashes, flaking, stinging, etc. Eczema is more common in infants than in adults and more in females than in males. It isn’t a contagious disease, but is definitely dreaded. Developed countries are more affected than their developing counterparts.

Eczema can spread anywhere on the body, but since the face is most important to the majority of the crowd, eczema on face is a big issue. Other parts can be hidden, but to conceal the face is just not possible. Not all make up agrees with eczema stricken areas and owing to the chemical content, there are all possibilities of the condition getting worsened. Dermatitis is spread over just 2.3% of the global population, and that sum would look serious once it is converted to the actual digits.

There’s no marked difference between eczema on the other areas of the body and eczema on face, however, as the face is the head of the body and it cannot be covered, a lot of people try different methods to get rid of the disease real fast. As a consequence for the urgent need of a working treatment, a lot of health sectors and medicine branches have put forth different treatments for eczema on face. While some treatments do just nothing, the others do just the opposite of what they claim to and the remaining just deliver short-term results. However, there’s one treatment that could help you cure eczema permanently. Read on to get an outline of treatments for eczema on face and a solution that works to rid you of eczema forever.

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Home Remedies for Eczema on face

1. Make changes in your lifestyle

Minimize stress- Stress in directly proportional to the worsening of any condition whatsoever. The more you stress, the worse the disease gets. Try pampering yourself with gentle massages, baths, good music, meditation, yoga and enough sleep.

Maintain personal hygiene- You scratch, the flakes come off and attract more dirt, you scratch again and there’s blood. So eczema can draw a lot of germs towards your body, which is why it is important to bathe regularly and keep changing towels. Use non-irritant detergents for your clothes and herbal soaps and shampoos for your body and hair.

Wear non-irritant clothes- Tight, suffocating clothing should be avoided- your skin needs to breathe. Wear cotton clothes preferably and something that’s not body-hugging.

1367430190_1367_mainImprove your diet- Dr. Andrew Weil, a medical doctor, naturopath, and a teacher and writer on holistic health recommends the use of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLAs) in the treatment for eczema on face, etc. This can be supplied by evening primrose oil, black currant oil and borage oil. Evening primrose oil comes in the form of capsules and these are safe to use. Milk products aggravate eczema, so avoid them. Also exclude gluten from your diet and stick to fresh fruits and other detoxifying foods.

2. Use certain elements

Warm Baths- Regular bleach (6%) can be added to bath water to kill bacteria and prevent eczema from spreading. Oatmeal may also be used in bath water, and a little amount of baking soda can help soothe itchiness associated with eczema on hands, face, ear eczema etc.

Sweet Almond Oil- Sweet almond oil contains oleic and ursolic acids which are believed to reduce inflammation and help repair the skin. It isn’t associated with any side effects, so you can use a generous amount on eczema affected areas and also coat your skin with the oil before a bath, to shield it from over drying.

Aloe Vera- Most recommended by Ayuvedic doctors for the treatment of countless skin diseases and other diseases as well, aloe vera can soothe burning, stinging and inflammation associated with eczema on face and other parts too.

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A Long-Term Cure for Eczema

Chemical drugs to treat eczema on face and other areas might work rapidly, but precipitate a plethora of side effects. Corticosteroids are linked with mood swings, stomach irritation, thinning skin, nausea, insomnia, glaucoma, delayed wound healing, rapid heartbeat, increased appetite, high blood pressure, aggression, muscle weakness, cataract, osteoporosis , reduced growth in children, and the list goes on. Immunosuppressants, according to the FDA, can cause lymph node and skin cancer, while light therapy has all possibilities of inducing skin cancer if the skin is subjected to the overexposure of UV light. Furthermore, as natural as home treatments for eczema on face seem, they too can trigger adverse reactions if used in the wrong way.

keath-florenceIt’s better to have a handbook of the dos and don’ts of eczema that are scientifically backed rather than to follow home remedies from countless sources. Eczema Free Forever is the best guide that you will come across for the treatment of eczema on face, and body. The book is based on holistic healing which implies that it believes that the body can heal itself if supplied with enough nutrients. Eczema Free Forever was authored by Rachel Anderson, a skin care specialist who suffered from eczema and experimented with various treatments, to finally find one permanent cure.

The book is easily comprehensible and easy to follow as well, initially it might be a bit of a task to incorporate the instructions into your lifestyle, but once you get used to it, shadowing up isn’t difficult at all. Apart from curing eczema, Eczema Free Forever can provide you with other health benefits such as-

Better mental peace and concentration
Improved energy and vitality
Better digestion
Smooth and clear skin
Reduced fatigue
Optimum body weight maintenance


Eczema Free For Life teaches you all that you need to know about eczema so that you won’t fall prey to any myths concerning the disease. Besides all the health benefits that you can get from the product, there are 7 free bonuses-

BONUS #1: Superfoods for Optimum Health- Chlorella and Spirulina
BONUS #2: The Healing Power of Water
BONUS #3: 177 Ways to Burn Calories
BONUS #4: Supplementing With Superfoods
BONUS #5: The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
BONUS# 6: 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
BONUS #7: A Handbook of Health

Also, you there’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product this is almost equal to a free trial. Eczema face treatment couldn’t get any better or easier. Go grab your copy right now and lose nothing but eczema!

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