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Fat Burning Furnace Details

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Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss program created by Rob Poulos. The program’s main focus is on increasing the body’s resting metabolic rate to increase the rate of fat loss. The program contains both a diet and an exercise module. The program claims that if you follow its diet and exercise advice you will burn fat off very quickly.  The Fat Burning Furnace program focuses on working out the whole body with weight lifting exercises and sprints while eating a healthy diet.

Who is Rob Poulos?

Rob Poulos & His Wife Kalen

Rob Poulos is a fitness and weight loss expert who is respected in the fitness industry. He used to be overweight and unhealthy even though he tried every diet and exercise program out there.  After struggling for years with his weight he slowly began to formulate the principles that helped him lose 42 pounds. He tested his method out on his friends and claimed they lost weight too. Rob Poulos decided to bring his unique method to the world in the form of his product Fat Burning Furnace.

The Principles behind This Program

The Fat Burning Furnace Diet

The nutrition and diet advice in this program focuses mainly on eating healthy foods and avoiding fattening foods like processed food, sugars, and bad carbs. The program comes with a list of approved foods. The program explains that most people struggle with losing weight because they don’t eat the right way. Most people will usually spend a couple months on a fad diet until they lose 10-20 pounds by starving themselves. They then gain that weight back and some more. The reason fad diets fail is because they only help you lose weigh in the short term but they don’t improve your own health in any way.  The only way to keep weight off is to lose weight the healthy way and sticking with a healthy diet in the long term.

Rob Poulos recommends that you eat a diet full of vegetables, meat and proteins, fruits, carbs, and nuts. The program also includes 12 weeks of meal plans and a meal plan generator. This means all the guesswork out of preparing your meals is taken out of the equation. A positive point about the meal plan is that it includes delicious meals instead of your standard fad diet which tastes horrible.  Additionally you do not have to count calories in this program like many other programs. As you may know, counting calories is a massive chore and pain. Life is just easier when you eat healthy and reasonably instead of counting every calorie.

If you are a vegetarian you need not worry. There are many vegetarian options in this food plan that work extremely well in helping you reach your fitness goals. There are also many alternative food options for those of us that are gluten or lactose intolerant. No matter what kind of food allergy you have there is a sufficient variety of allowed foods that allows you to follow the Fat Burning Furnace program.

Fat Burning Furnace Success Stories

The Fat Burning Furnace Exercise Program

Rob Poulos recommends that you avoid steady and slow cardio. Most exercise programs out there recommend that you do cardio 4-6 times a week for long periods of time. However, this is a woefully inefficient way of losing weight. For one, doing that much cardio is not beneficial. Have you ever looked at a long distance runner? They are usually skinny and scrawny looking. If you want to be muscular with a low body fat percentage then you want to avoid excessive cardio.

The program focuses on short intense bouts of sprinting and weight training. The reason this works much better than cardio is because it raises your metabolism drastically. The muscle you gain from sprint and weight training consumes more calories and increases your resting metabolism. You’ll be losing weight even while resting because your metabolism will be at a higher rate. Additionally weight training and sprinting ensures you’ll look athletic and sexy instead of just skinny but scrawny. These exercises are fairly easy to do and the program includes detailed diagrams on proper form.  You will need a gym membership or a home gym for this program as many of these exercises require weight equipment.

Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?

Some people may have the question, “Does Fat Burning Furnace Work”? In a word, yes. This program focuses on scientifically proven principles of weight loss. Unlike other diet programs that don’t work in the long term this program will keep the weight off. The reason it works is because of its focus on sustainable weight loss instead of fad dieting or exercises that only work for a small period of time but not over the long term. Most fad diets involve weight loss in an unhealthy way that often involves water loss and body dehydration. The focus on intense 15 minute workouts that force muscle growth helps the body lose weight in a natural fashion. Any person who sticks with the program will see improvement, regardless of age, weight, gender, height, or any other factor.

More Success Stories

What’s included in Fat Burning Furnace?

The program is delivered in the form of a 176 page eBook that is digitally delivered. You must download it to your computer.  You also get a variety of tools to help you measure your progress, including a metabolic calculator, a body fat percentage calculator, and workout logs and progress trackers. These tools will help you a lot since they allow you to chart your progress.

Should I buy Fat Burning Furnace?

I highly recommend you buy Fat Burning Furnace. This program costs $39.97 which is an incredibly low price for the tens of thousands you will save in healthcare because of weight loss.  Considering how much this program will help your life it’s a very low cost. You must commit to the program to lose weight though. If you follow the program’s instructions you will see amazing things happen to your body.  I hope you have gained some insight and value from my Fat Burning Furnace review.

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