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Fat Loss Factor is a fitness program which claims it can help you lose weight quickly and easily with the principles of calorie shifting and short intense workouts.  The program was created by Dr. Charles Livingston, who is a chiropractor and weight loss expert.  The program is based on the principles that Charles Livingston and his wife used to lose 100 pounds and keep it off.  It utilizes the science of caloric shifting to bring about weight loss in people who use it. Check out my Fat Loss Factor review to find out if this program is an over-hyped waste of bandwidth, or if it actually works and can bring you the sexy body you’ve always wanted.

What are the Principles of this Program?

Calorie ShiftingCalorie Shifting

The Fat Loss Factor program is based on an idea called calorie shifting.  According to this idea you should vary the amount of calories you eat by day.   This confuses your body and forces it into increasing your metabolism.  If you have a high metabolism you will burn fat at a much faster rate.  People with higher metabolism have a much easier time keeping weight off their body.  An example of calorie shifting would be if you eat 2,000 calories one day and eat 1,500 the other day.  This confuses the body to the amount of calories you actually need, and it increases body metabolism to be “safe”.  Essentially calorie shifting has a positive effect on your metabolism.

Strength Training

A major component of this program is strength training.  Strength training makes your body stronger and helps you lose fat.  Building muscle increases the rate at which your body burns fat and it’s extremely beneficial for you.  The strength training in this program is done with weight training.  It is therefore necessary that you have a gym membership.  The weight training in this program is focused on easy to do exercises that help improve your strength quickly.

2 Week Cleansing Period

The program also focuses on making sure you are eating the right things.  Your body needs healthy food otherwise it’ll have issues losing weight.  The program goes in depth into what kind of foods you need to eat.  The first 2 weeks of the program are dedicated to detoxification.  He highly encourages those foods that are natural instead of processed foods.  For the first 2 weeks of the program you’ll be mostly eating organic fruits, organic vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds, raw legumes, coconut and olive oils and other natural ingredients.  These first 2 weeks help get rid of all the toxins in your body.  Getting rid of the toxins will allow you to lose weight in a much faster manner.  It does this by eliminating toxins that are stored in your fat cells which helps you lose the extra food.  Additionally you gain extra energy, your immune system gets stronger, and you learn how to control your urge for junk food.  You basically break your addiction to food.  This is the toughest part of the program and if you can get through this you’ll get through the rest of the program easily.

10 Weeks of Exercise and Eating Healthy

The second phase is a 10 week period where you exercise well and eat relatively healthy.   Unlike the first 2 week cleansing period you have much more flexibility in terms of what you can eat.  You can also eat meat (albeit lean meat only).  The focus during these 10 weeks is to eat small frequent meals with plenty of lean protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables.  Additionally Fat Loss Factor also recommends that you only eat Low Glycemic Index carbohydrates. Low glycemic index carbs refer to carbs that break down slowly and release glucose much slower than high glycemic carbs.  Low Glycemic Index carbs are a lot healthier because they result in less weight gain.  During the second phase the dieter also has to eat one raw food with each meal.

There are also a general number of principles that Fat Loss Factor recommends.  Fat Loss Factor recommends that you get most of your calories earlier in the day.  Getting enough water is also an important part of Fat Loss Factor as hydrating yourself properly makes you feel better and contributes to your general health.  You are also allowed to have one cheat meal every week.

Additionally there are four workout and diet levels which are beginner, intermediate, advanced, rapid weight loss, and extreme weight loss.  The one you choose should depend on your current fitness level and how much weight you want to loss.  Keep in mind that extreme weight loss would be very hard to stick to unless you have incredible amounts of willpower.  I’d recommend intermediate for the average person.

Pros and Cons of Fat Loss Factor


– This program helps you lose weight effectively with principles based on science.

– Fat Loss Factor also helps your immune system and your general well-being.

– This diet and exercise program will give you a ton of extra energy.

– The cleansing program detoxifies your body and will help lower your chance for many diseases.

– There is a 60 day money back guarantee so this is pretty much risk free.


– The first two weeks are extremely hard.  It requires you to apply a lot of self-discipline.

– The program requires a gym membership or a home gym.  This is an additional cost.

My Personal Review

Fat Loss Factor is based on a diet that makes you feel better and gives you more energy while helping you lose weight.  There are too many diets that make the dieter feel horrible.  The exercise programs in this diet are easy to do and to follow.  My only gripe with Fat Loss Factor would be that it requires a gym.  This may be a concern if you don’t have the cash for the gym.  However for a product that’s only priced at 47 dollars and has a 60 day money back guarantee it’s a steal.  I recommend this with no hesitation.  Some people may tell you, “Avoid the fat loss factor scam” but they are usually people who bought the product and did not have the discipline to stick with the program.  The fact that there is a 60 day guarantee means that there is no risk at all for you.

So click here to watch a FREE video presentation of Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles Livingston himself!

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