Friday, April 16, 2021
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Okay, firstly, all of us here need to know that to get rid of something; we have to get to the root of it. Most of us have a whole lot of clothes piled up in our closets that we do not wear anymore, all owing to the wrinkled appearance of our skin-as a consequence of CELLULITE.

Cellulite is nothing but fat that breaches the connective tissue beneath the skin, thereby giving skin a puckered appearance. Heretofore, there aren’t any evidences of mortality due to cellulite, so it isn’t dangerous, nor is it acceptable though.A lot of people are under the misconception that it is due to them being overweight. But NO, it also does appear in thin people. However, if you’re obese, losing weight might help reduce cellulite as well.


If you’re on an intense I’m-not-gonna-eat spree, trust me, that’s doing NOTHING to help you shed the crinkles, on the contrary, you might end up with excessive fat deposits and ugly stretch marks. There are a couple of other factors that trigger cellulite formation. Hormones like oestrogen stimulate and further aggravate it. Insulin, the hormones of the adrenal cortex, thyroid, and prolactin might contribute to the formation of these “once healthy” EFAs. Furthermore, genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and dehydration encourage this really undesirable condition. So incase you’re doing nothing but lying on a couch all day long, gorging on high fatty-food, and yet expecting the cessation of blubber incretion, you better lose the tardiness, and get going with these ways to get rid of cellulite.


Now, we all should know that there are both- SURGICAL and NATURAL waysto eliminate cellulite. Each of them, like anything else in the world, does have pros and cons. Therefore, you need to be very careful about the method that you choose and they way you use it.


“SURGICAL”?! (Quick shiver down your spine). The very thought of it horrifies us. But let me tell you, after all these years of research and development, “SURGERIES” have been taken to a much higher level, that includes benefits like reduced or no pain, quicker results, improved instruments and faster and more convenient procedures. All you have to do is, get it done only by a professional; else, things could go terribly haywire.

1. THERMAGE TREATMENT:Thermage treatment involves the use of a machine that will generate heat which will pass deep into your skin, ie, in the subcutaneous layer. This heat helps in melting the fat that has gathered there, and thereby, the wrinkled appearance gets reduced. There will be pain after the procedure, but you will be given effective pain-killers. The advantage of this is it also reduces saggy skin and tightens your there’s no more “cottage-cheese” skin.

2. LUMICELL TREATMENT: This treatment works with the help of a device that uses infrared light to improve metabolism, this will give your skin a very smooth look. Further, there is a vacuum sub-dermal massager that will break down those stubborn old adipose cells and voila! Goodbye cellulite! The number of sessions depends upon the amount of cellulite in your body.


1. Faster results. The results achieved by surgical methods are much faster than those from natural methods. However, the results vary from one treatment to another.

2. FDA approved. Both the treatments are FDA approved and are tested as well, therefore you needn’t be that worried.

3. Skin tightening.

4. Effective for patients that aren’t allowed to exercise. There are a whole lot of people out there, who aren’t allowed to exercise owing to bad medical conditions. This could be a ray of hope to them.


1. Redness, bumps and swelling. Though in most cases, these aren’t very persistent, they might be stubborn guests for some. In case the drugs used are contraindicated with the ones that you’re already on, you better watch out for some severe side-effects. It would be wise to show your doc your medical history before the procedure.

2. Bruising. As the treatments transmit heat, and some of them make incisions, you might be left with a couple of scars that will heal with medication and time. Nevertheless, some of us simple don’t want that.

3. Numbness. You might experience a little numbness in the areas where fat has been removed, but that should be gone about 6-8 weeks after the treatment.

4. It’s not quite affordable by everyone. Surgical methods often require multiple sessions, each having a fixed price. These can be quite pricy, and aren’t affordable by everyone.


Natural methods might not solve the problem as fast as the surgical ones, but hey! You don’t have to spend that much, it’s economical, and helps you keep fit too. Oh, and you also don’t have to worry about incisions, bruises, numbness and the anaesthesia which could also be fatal in a few cases.

1. Diet to help shed it. Foods that are bright coloured contain anti-oxidants in plenty and these help shed the toxins. Food containing vitamin C increase collagen levels thereby keeping the skin elastic and also firm. Bananas and mangoes improve blood circulation. Papayas are known to prevent tissue damage below the skin, so the herniation of fat into the connective tissue is stopped. Omega 3 fatty acidswill keep you from appearing “STARVED” and will also metabolize the fat. The most important thing about your diet is to drink a lot of water, or atleast food that contains high amounts of water. This will prevent dehydration.

2. Exercise. Working out, walking off the cellulite is something that almost anyone can do. This will promote the usage of the stored fats in your body, and convert it into energy. There will be no more fat left to get deposited in the underlying tissues of your skin. Exercise along with a good diet is the most effective way that can prevent and reduce cellulite formation, plus, it also gives you a toned body.


1. Economical. Natural methods only require you to eat the right kind of food that’s already in your kitchen, so you needn’t go in for any extra expenses. Exercise not only helps you lose cellulite, but also decreases obesity and other bad medical conditions.

2. No side effects. When you’re eating the right food and exercising on a regular basis, there are absolutely no side effects like those of surgical methods.

3. Effective prevention of further fat deposits. All the stored fats get converted to energy and you’re off high-fatty food. End result- no extra fat occupying the subcutaneous layer, hence, no wrinkled skin.


1. Takes a lot of time to produce results. Obviously, we cannot shed fat overnight, so a lot of hard work and self-control needs to be put in.

2. Not everyone can exercise. Somepatients with heart diseases, asthma, etc. are not allowed to exercise, so the process of losing cellulite might be prolonged for them.

So, taking all of this into consideration, I hope you make a safe and effective decision on how you’re going to get rid of cellulite.

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