Thursday, April 15, 2021
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If you’re reading this article on how to lose weight in a month then most probably you’re trying to meet some deadline. Maybe you have a wedding coming up or depending of the time of year you might want to look good. Well thankfully there is a way to do this, and I’m going to explain a few guidelines that you must follow in order to lose weight.

It’s not that hard to lose weight you just need to stay committed and this seems to be the deciding factor whether you lose weight or remain the same. Also note that one month is simply a short term goal but you should be aiming to incorporate these tips into your lifestyle forever, this way you will continue to lose weight and maintain it.

Avoid White Carbohydrates

Try to stop eating foods that are or can be considered white carbohydrates, this means the following foods should be prohibited for the next one month: white rice, bread, cereal (oat meal can be eaten), pasta, potatoes, sugar (don’t touch this at all!). By not eating this you will start to see a difference dramatically, trust me.

Dangers of Sugar

Sugar is by far one of the most dangerous types of carbohydrates because it is the most difficult to burn off. Don’t get me wrong, eating carbs is vital to a balanced diet but eating the right carbs is essential to your success. When you eat carbs you are actually giving your body enough energy to do your workouts or daily routine, when you do any physical activity you are not only burning fat but your body is switching between fat cells and carbs consistently throughout your workout. This is why you need carbs so that you can get through your entire workout.

Although when it comes to sugar carbs they are the most dangerous because sugar is extremely hard to break down. This means that more energy is required in order to burn sugar and if you’re not burning enough of it then you are simply adding on calories and thus not seeing weight loss results.

5 Meals Daily To Success

Some professional athletes actually go up to eating 7-8 meals per day as to not gain weight. This might not be the most efficient way for many of you so what I’ve come to follow is a standard of 5 meals every day. During these meals I will eat the right portions and the right foods at specific times. The five meals include:

Breakfast (8 – 9am) -> Morning Snack (11 am) -> Lunch (2 – 3pm) -> Afternoon Snack (5 – 6pm) -> Dinner (9 – 10pm)

This is my daily eating schedule and if you also follow this then you will see great results. The trick is to have small portioned meals throughout the day rather than having 3 large meals. This will increase your metabolism rate thus burning fat 24/7 if followed.

Cheat Days to Stay Motivated & Burn Fat

Whenever someone asks me how to lose weight in one month then I recommend this little trick that has helped me and also worked for all the people I’ve recommended it to. When you start dieting it can start to get extremely difficult especially if you’ve had bad eating habits before. So by following this little trick you will be able to last the entire one month without quitting.

Choose a day in your day (mine is Saturdays) that you will have a cheat day, this means you can eat whatever you like on this specific day. Yes this includes, ice cream, chocolate, chips, burgers, pizza you name it! By having cheat days you are actually getting a lot of benefits which even include LOSING weight…

When you have a spike in caloric intake on a weekly basis this actually helps your fat burning goal by preventing your metabolic rate to lower due to caloric restrictions. This also helps you get out of the dieting plateau where your metabolic rate doesn’t increase because it’s adjusted to a certain eating habit. Cheat days help spike your caloric intake thus preventing your body from going into a plateau.

How to Lose Weight in One Month with Exercise

How to Lose Weight in One Month with ExerciseExercise is amazingly effective; this doesn’t mean doing boring cardio all day long. Exercise simply means doing some form of physical activity. This can mean anything where your WHOLE body is moving, entire body movement is the key to metabolic boost. If there was a secret on how to lose weight in one month then this would be it… Have fun! That’s right, many people tend to make exercise boring and tedious but some of the best ways to exercise is while having fun and every trainer in the world will agree to this.

Sports are the best form of exercise for weight loss, go to the local park and play some basketball alone daily, get a local swimming pool membership (much better than gym membership for people who want weight loss), do you have kids? Play football with them, even if you suck just do it, this not only will give you enough exercise for each day but you’ll also get an excuse to spend more time with your family every day.

So I hope I’ve answered your question on how to lose weight in a month. These are the few simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily lives and you will not only see great results but you will actually enjoy this lifestyle more than your current one. This will help you maintain the weight and lose even more month after month. If you want to take it to the next level and see even greater results then you should check out Isabel De Los Rios’s diet solution program as it has helped many of our readers learn the secrets of dieting and losing up to 15 pounds in a single month! Click here to check out the diet solution program…

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