Thursday, April 15, 2021
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MetabolicCookingSome of us eat to live, while others live to eat. Though the delight that you get from happy taste buds makes the worry of dwindling health fade away, however, somewhere in the back of your mind, you really wish that you could have the best of both worlds. It will fascinate you to know that there’s finally a solution that will let you have what you’ve always wanted.

Karine Lean, a psychologist, along with Dave Ruel, one of the most respected fitness cooks in North America have combined their mastery and authored METABOLIC COOKING. After years of experience, the two have come to know that one of the most acceptable ways to burn fat is by managing the food that you eat. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to set aside those delicacies and pacify yourself with insipid food. Lean, being a psychologist, has complete knowledge on the friendly and non-friendly foods that have psychological effects on individuals. Therefore, amalgamating that information with the expertise of the muscle-cook, Ruel, they have come up with appetizing recipes that will help you shed the extra pounds and also keep your stomach satisfied. All you vegans out there don’t need to panic, because there are great deals of recipes that are included for you too. How good is that!

Metabolic Cooking Review. With Metabolic Cooking, you will learn how to lose weight and keep it lost by embracing the methods to cook scrumptious food that will upgrade your body’s metabolism. The book has less filler, more killer facts that amazingly brace every recipe included. The use of all the thermo-charged ingredients and their mechanism in keeping your body healthy is made known to you, and after all this, you be left inspired to go on with the fitness cookbook.

Metabolic Cooking- What it contains.

deliciousfood3•The Metabolic Cooking Package contains nine cookbooks, each dedicated to one specific meal. (Breakfast, snacks, sides, smoothies, red meat, pork, chicken and poultry, fish and sea-food and vegetarian). And each of those nine books have about twenty to forty recipes. Are you a non-cook? Well half of us are! That should be one of your least concerns, as the recipes are very, very simple and mentioned in a very systematic step-by-step form.

• The package also includes a Fat-Loss Optimizer Guide and a Nutritional Guide, which throws light on the three macro nutrients of our body, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The guide educates you on how these three works in your body, their excretion rates and role in maintaining good health. So by the end of this, you will know precisely how to control their intake.

•A Metabolic Salad Builder is also part of the program. This will teach you how to make zero calorie salads with metabolism-enhancing dressings. The thermo-charged ingredients help you make sodium-free seasonings, which will boost metabolism and maintain electrolyte balance.

• A Supplements Optimizer Guide consists of list of supplements that accelerate results if taken with your diet.


1. The recipes are easy to follow. The manner of explanation is non-complex to its most. You don’t have to be a master chef to prepare any of the meals, they don’t require that much technique.

2. No compromise on taste. Who likes eating tasteless food, even if you’re forcing yourself to do that, the day when it’s going to bore you is not too far, and then you end up re-welcoming the fat all over again. So, in this program, you’re not at all required to go through that self-torture to torch those calories. You might be flabbergasted to know that Metabolic Cooking recipes include choco-peanut butter oat muffins, hot paprika shrimp, Asian turkey burgers and other mouth-watering stuff with which you could actually lose weight. You can continue grinning.

3. The arrangement is really impressive. Unlike most other cookbooks, this one is split up into nine books, each for a different meal. That must be real easy for you.

4. No side-effects. Well, I don’t mind stating the obvious. After all what side-effects could you get of eating well?

5. Suitable for vegetarians too. The book contains a whole lot of recipes that can go well without the meaty part of it.


1. The cost of preparing the meals might be high. While you will find most of the ingredients in your kitchen, you need to also get the main ones that make the dish fat-burning. Those are a quite pricy, so it might not be something that everyone can do. Further, supplements are recommended, something which not everyone can afford.

2. Those of you with ill-health, really should consult your doctor. During illness, you’re restricted from eating certain kinds of foods , so you might as well talk to your doctor about this before you get into it. You don’t want to worsen your health.

So, as an end note, I’d say that Metabolic Cooking is one package that you really don’t want to miss out on. It’s so good, I’ve had to try so hard to figure out the cons of the program! You don’t just have to follow a diet plan blindly and hope that your body is going to adapt to it and look all red-carpet material. Every recipe is backed with reasoning and mechanism of action in escalating your health to a whole new level. Non-satisfactory results will fetch you your money back, as there is an iron-clad 100% refund within 60 days of purchase. Can this get any better?! Well, I hope you make a clever decision, after all there’s nothing at stake. Happy cooking. Stay healthy.



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