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Muscle Gaining Secrets Details

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Muscle Gaining Secrets is a weight gain program that promises that even skinny ectomorphs can gain significant muscle. The program was created by Jason Ferruggia who’s a well-known fitness expert. The program claims that it can turn a skinny fat weakling into a sexy jacked man. The target demographic of this program is male ectomorphs (skinny body frame). According to Jason Ferruggia, he can help this demographic gain actual muscle and change their body frame.

What are the Principles of this Program?

The core principle of Muscle Gaining Secrets is that a different strategy is required for hard gainers. Hard gainers are skinny ectomorphs who have a hard time gaining weight. They are the unlucky men who try hard to gain weight but still stay skinny no matter what. Jason Ferruggia claims the reason they don’t gain weight is because they attempt to follow principles that are meant for other body types. They use training programs that are meant for men who gain muscle easily. This works out horribly and all they end up doing is gaining a few pounds while injuring themselves.

Progressive Overload

This is a huge part of the program. Progressive overloading involves consistently raising the number of reps you do or the weight you lift. Most skinny guys go into the gym and don’t have a goal as to how many reps they want to do. They end up only raising their weight when they feel like it which doesn’t help them gain muscle. It’s important to be constantly pushing your body limits as that’s the major driver of your body’s growth.

Using Cycling in Your Training

A very important part of this program is “cycling”. Cycling involves taking occasional breaks and using lower weights to give your body a week to recover. This is called “de-loading” when you take an easy week and lower the amount of weights you use for that particular week. Cycling allows you to keep gaining muscle without getting injured. Remember, getting injured kills your chance of gaining muscle as you’ll not be able to work out at all.

Sticking to the Program

Another important point that Jason Ferruggia makes is that most people have a hard time sticking to a program. They give up as soon as it gets too hard or if they don’t get results instantly. If an ectomorph does not stick to a program for the full length of it he won’t get results. Sticking to a program allows you that trust in what you are doing. This will allow you to work out hard without constantly thinking about it or making little adjustments that kills your progress. If you go in without a plan, you are essentially setting yourself up with a failure. That’s why it’s important that you stick with the program for the full 12 weeks.

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Low Volume but Heavy Weights

A major part of this program is sticking to lower volume exercise routines and lifting heavy. High volume is not conducive towards strength and muscle gain. Lower Volumes of heavy lifts like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are the most conducive towards massive muscle gain. These exercises release high amounts of testosterone and help you gain weight quickly.

Training the Right Amount

Training more frequently is a huge part of this program. You will be working each muscle growth twice a week compared to other programs where you train either way too much or way too little. Training each muscle group twice a week is ideal and allows muscle recovery while letting your body grow very quickly.

Eat as Much as Possible

A huge problem that hard gainers face is that it’s a struggle to get enough calories in. To be able to gain muscle as a hard gainer requires dedication towards eating as much as possible. Getting high amounts of protein and a large amount of calories is essential. Muscle Gaining Secrets hammers this point in repeatedly and provides tips on how to eat more. Most hardgainers do not eat nearly as much as they should because they are inconsistent in their meals or only eat when they are hungry. To actually gain weight you’re going to have to systematically set aside meal times and daily goals. You are going to have to eat till you’re very full. It’s not supposed to be easy but if you want to be jacked and gain muscle I highly suggest you eat as much as possible.

Steady State Cardio is Overrated

Muscle Gaining Secrets involves virtually no steady state cardio. Long steady cardio kills your muscle growth, especially for hard gainers. Instead, Muscle Gaining Secrets advocate that you do sprints instead. Sprints are amazing for your cardiovascular health and they make your legs much stronger. Look at your average long distance runner and how skinny they are. Now, look at your average sprinter. Sprinters are far more muscular. As part of this program, you’re going to completely avoid traditional cardio.

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My Personal Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets promises that any hard gainer can gain a ripped and jacked body by following the program. This program is only aimed at skinny men, and is not meant for overweight or normal sized men. Looking at the principles, it’s clear that it definitely works for skinny men. It takes in all the best pieces of wisdom regarding muscle gain for hard gainers and creates a program that will work for the skinniest and scrawniest men out there. All the information is clearly laid out in an easy to read format that makes it easy to just focus on muscle gain. The program helps you gain muscle very quickly, which is exactly what it promises. Muscle Gaining Secrets does what it promises and I’d highly recommend this program. Muscle Gaining Secrets is available for 39.95 which is a fair price for helping you get the jacked and ripped body that turns heads.

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