Friday, April 16, 2021
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work pics10Is your physique something like Shaggy from Scooby-doo (that old mystery cartoon)? Are you skinny to the rib-jutting-out level? And despite the bony structure, you still dream of having that permanent mind-blowing muscle suit on yourself someday.

Well, most of you skinny folks out there must be trying drop dead hard to put on some weight so that you actually have something to burn in order to build something desired. But, I do know how unnerving it really is for hard-gainers to install some flesh/fat in your body while watching how everything just goes down the drain.

So, if your face is resting in your palms right now, after all the vexing out methods that you’ve tried so as to get what you’ve always wanted, I tell you, just for a couple of minutes, open your mind to this No Nonsense Muscle Building review, and you will figure out that it is something that will rescue you PERMANENTLY of all those fitness issues that you’ve been fighting.

Vince Del Monte, a professional fitness coach, who had suffered from the same problem that you are going through now, has formulated a HIGHLY POTENT PROGRAM that will help all those of you whose bodies are too stubborn to gain weight and build muscle out of it. The program was compiled as a package called “No Nonsense Muscle Building”.

Now, I’d like to acquaint you with the fact that the author himself was all skin and bones, and was humiliated by a lot of people with names like “Skinny Vinny” … but now, after following his own program, Skinny Vinny was destroyed and the phoenix rose as “The Skinny Guy Saviour”. Well, if this program has taken someone like that to this kind of professional level, just imagine what it could do for you.

What The Book Teaches You.

banner_8Firstly, you are required to stop all other training programs and dietary plans before you start out with the 29-week No Nonsense Muscle Building plan. If you’re on an intense-work-out spree, you HAVE to STOP that and do absolutely NO WORKOUTs a week before you adopt this program. This is to ensure that your body has enough rest. Coming to what the book contains, you will find-

Top 14 mistakes to avoid before you start training.This clears out all the common fads that reverse the process of muscle building for you. So Del Monte unambiguously illustrates a list of things for you that you should avoid and how these things work in opposition to your goal.

How to build muscle. This section shows you the most effective ways that you need to use in order to build muscle and make it stay.

Advanced recovery methods. In this segment, Del Monte teaches you how to pamper your body after the intensive workouts, after-all, even machines just burst when overloaded. So your body really needs a lot of rest. The importance of power naps, stress management and nutrition in body building is discussed here. The author then shows you the dark-side of muscle building, which is a result of greed and impatience. He tells you why it is wrong to drug yourself into getting lean and built.

• Maximizing hormonal responses for muscle building. This includes education about the various hormones in your body and how you can learn to control their mechanisms by the food you eat and the exercises you do. You should know that hormones play the most important role in regulating the incineration or storage of fat and building of muscle. So all these hormones, i.e., glucagon, insulin, cortisol, growth hormones, catechol amines and thyroid hormones are explained along with their functionalities.

Fat burning secrets. What to and what not to eat. How to and how not to work out. No Nonsense Muscle Building reveals all the secrets that will help you burn down fat permanently with these tips.

Calculation of caloric requirements. You are shown how to calculate the requirements of your body, and eat and workout accordingly. Now this should be really motivating for you as you know exactly where to draw the line.

• Making sense of supplements and how to use them wisely.

Injury prevention and avoiding the causes. Your body is subject to a lot of wear and tear, muscle pulls, etc. while you workout. So, this section rectifies the causes of all that and teaches you how to prevent them; thereby saving you from all the pain.


1. Effective and permanent route to muscle-building.The results that you experience will undoubtedly fill you with satisfaction and compliments will come pouring on you. But then, it is also very important that you stick to the program in order to gain perpetuity of that long-awaited body.

2. Exposes the bad effects that supplements, steroids and other fads could cause.No Nonsense Muscle Building keeps you from getting lured into the attractive manoeuvring of all such quick-fixes, by teaching you how they could reverse good health. Also, the good side of supplements is taught and how you should use them to get good results.

3. Cost-effective. You save in on supplement charges. The dietary plans only require ingredients that are already lying in your kitchen.

4. Prevents you from injury. Intense workouts or even simple workouts done in a wrong way could cause serious damage to your body. No Nonsense Muscle Building takes care of that for you so that you don’t have to go through any kind of pain.

5. Easy to understand. The step-by-step explanation of everything, be it workouts/diets/hormone mechanisms… or anything… all of it is brought to you in a very un-complicated, easily absorbable manner. You don’t have to run around in circles trying to figure out what each thing means, as there is a 24/7 training coach with you (in the form of FAQs and virtual trainers). All common doubts are answered in this section so that you don’t get all muddled up.


1. NOT A QUICK-FIX AT ALL. You cannot expect to put on weight plus build muscle overnight. This isn’t just some magic button that will transform you in the blink of an eye. You need to work hard on it for A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME to see results that will be everlasting.

2. Not suitable for pregnant women and ill people. Those of you who are pregnant can sure wait until you’re done with that phase, and soon after that, No Nonsense Muscle Building could be all yours. All any of you suffering from some ill health conditions should see your doctor before giving the program a shot so that you avoid further complications.

All in all, I feel Del Monte’s approach is incredibly effective and promises to stay forever, while causing you zero side effects and this is all that any ideal package should contain. Moreover, you are benefited with a 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee within 8 weeks of trial if you are not satisfied. The package is accompanied with 12 bonuses including a virtual DVD that will take you by hand through your journey to a built-body and also private membership to the muscle-building zone.So, when there’s a heap lot to gain and absolutely NOTHING at stake, you should just go grab No Nonsense Muscle Building and let it transform you.


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