Thursday, April 15, 2021
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paleo burnThe Palaeolithic diet, widely known as the Paleo diet and also popular by the names the Caveman diet and the Stone-Age diet has come into existence in the Palaeolithic age i.e., a long, long time ago, hence the name.

Apart from fitness freaks, this might generate heaps of hesitant reactions in a major portion of the population as everyone knows that grains, additives, refined sugar, processed foods etc. find no place in the Paleo diet. Due to the omission of foods belonging to these categories, paleo diets are very often mistaken to be completely insipid.

Well, paleo diets will no longer seem like a punishment, as I introduce you to an ultra-cool, modernized version of it that none of you might have come across.

The Paleo Burn Plan is an all new revolutionary approach that seeks to encompass you in a healthier atmosphere and rid you of all the extra pounds while managing to be thoroughly successful in delivering satisfaction to your taste buds and seemingly uncontrollable appetites.

With this Paleo Burn review, you will learn what the Paleo Burn Plan is, how this paleo burn fat burner system works for you and what merits and demerits follow.

What is the Paleo Burn Plan?

The Primal Burn Fat Burner System or Paleo Burn Plan was initiated by Ken Burge after a long span of hard-work and research. The entire program was designed so that buyers aren’t left bored or feel compelled to consume bland food in the race to lose weight. With this idea in mind, an awesomely interesting, tasty and easy method to incinerate blubber simultaneously fetching you great health benefits was created.

Paleo-Burn (1)The principle behind the Paleo Burn Plan is to make people cling on to the fresh and “safer” diet plans that our ancestors, i.e., cavemen and those dwelling in the Palaeolithic age adhered to while making modifications to it such that it retains the healthiness intended and also matches up to the requirements of the present day people in terms of taste. It is believed that the eating habits of the cavemen were the reasons why they were lesser susceptible to diseases and other risk factors in comparison to us.

Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Foods.

Acceptable foods include eggs, sea foods, fruits, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grass-produced meat and healthy oils like coconut and olive oil. You are taught the recipes in a step-by-step manner and the pictorial representations make it all the more interesting and simple. The time of consumption along with the quantity to be consumed is laid out in the most comprehensible manner possible.

Processed foods, refined sugar, cereal grains, legumes and dairy products are to be strictly avoided and are nowhere mentioned in the recipes of the Primal Burn program. According to the Paleo Burn Plan, these foods spark off insulin increase in your body, which in-turn is responsible for converting food into fat.

Extra workouts aren’t encouraged at all as they worsen obesity on account of a stress hormone called CORTISOL that leads to overweight. Only specific exercises for a short period of time at certain levels of intensity are promoted.

Appropriate sleep at the right time for the right span of time is essential as that gives your body enough rest and ensures that necessary hormones are replenished in order that your vitality and health are maintained. This whole routine is absolutely intellectual as it takes care of every facet required to uplift your overall health.

The omission of some foods are due to genuine reasons, one of the most important being- they stimulate the release of hormones that trigger increased fat storage.


1. Cost effective. The Paleo Burn Plan is completely economical as all that you need is right in your kitchen; you save in on junk and unnecessary ingredients. The approach doesn’t include supplementation of any kind, so that saves you from all the extra expenses.

2. No side effects.Healthy eating, so far hasn’t caused side-effects in any form, so you can cook your way to a healthier you without being afraid of any adverse effects.

3. Increased energy and metabolism. The book teaches you how and when to eat what you should eat and also how you should exercise and for how long you should exercise, this is all in order to improve your energy levels and metabolic rates. A good sleeping pattern is also advised which provides further replenishment to your body.

4. Great skin and body balance. Natural ingredients were always known to cause positive effects on skin. As the entire book is composed of natural ingredients, you get awesome skin and perfect body balance.

5. The results are permanent. Taking your eyes off the mirror will get nearly impossible if you stick to the program and the results will not go away.

6. The explanation is kept simple and easily comprehensible. With all the pictorial representations, you will never get bored of the book, also, the language and manner in which the recipes are laid out is extremely understandable.

7. Overall health is benefited. Blood sugar levels, cardio-vascular health and a lot of other health benefits accompany the prime purpose- weight loss.

paleo burn 1


1. No instant results. The Paleo Burn Plan is certainly not a fairy-godmother route to weight loss. You will not see over-night results so if that is what you expect, you might as well ditch the program else you’ll be dissatisfied.

2. Not for those who do not like cooking. The recipes are a child’s play but for those of you who do not like cooking, this isn’t going to help if you’re not going to try.

3. Some of the recipes might not be suitable for pregnant women or people with ill health. If you belong to those categories, you might as well consult your physician before taking up the program. Because although the entire thing is natural, some complications might be triggered owing to health issues.

Ultimately, I feel The Paleo Burn Plan is a breath of fresh air. The recipes are unbelievably delicious and I couldn’t digest the fact that such mouth-watering stuff could actually help in weight loss and also facilitate a person with enormous health advantages. Also, Burge is so confident about the efficiency of his invention, that he has offered a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase incase you’re dissatisfied with the product. When there’s nothing at stake, you should go ahead and give The Paleo Burn Plan a shot.


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