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paleo_recipe250x250Weight loss has perpetually been in the limelight as it grabs the concern of almost the entire population. While some of the efforts to find a solution to it are truly genuine, a lot of approaches just mean to gain commercial benefits by exploiting that area.

There are many ways that people adopt in order to lose weight, be it over-the-counter pills or exercise routines or dietary plans or supplements or a combination of all of these. Diet is a vital component and a lot of people find it the easiest route to weight loss as the busy lot may not find time to work out. What matters is how fruitful the effects of your intense dieting are.

If I tell you that there is an extremely potent dietary solution to weight loss that requires you to actually cook up for yourself, that might instantly trigger skepticality [for those who do not like/know to cook]. And if I add that this cooking is all based on the PALEOLITHIC PLAN, half or more of you might just quit reading. But let me affirm that these recipes are a child’s play and almost anyone can pull them off and relish some master-chef like delicacies while seeing a drastic drop of digits on your weighing scale.

Paleo Recipe Book is what it is called, and the package contains more than 350 paleo recipes. With this Paleo Recipe Book review, you will learn what the book is all about and how it will catalyse your weight- loss process.

What Is The Paleo Recipe Book?

Authored by a nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, Sebastien Noel after years of research and self-experiments, The Paleo Recipe Book is available in the form of an easily downloadable e-book and has managed to transform thousands of people into leaner, healthier beings. The paleo diet recipes are tailored in a way that they only contain natural food that our body is designed to eat and readily respond in positive ways to.

The creator of the Paleo Diet Recipe Book and a lot of other experts believe that and health problem can be treated with the right food and right lifestyle. Hence, the book is based on the eating habits of our ancestors-the cavemen who were found to be less susceptible to diseases than the current population is.

paleo-recipe-bookWhether you’re a novice or a pro at cooking, you can easily pull off all the recipes as none of them really require any kind of special cooking skills or any fancy kitchen equipment. The perfectly organized book contains an endless variety of toothsome recipes that eventually get imprinted on your brains owing to the facets added to the book for that purpose.

What Does It Contain?

You get instant access to the book upon purchase and the format is compatible with almost every device. The Paleo Recipe Book contains more than 350 recipes in 395 pages, but all of them are ultra-simple and comprehensible. The pictorial representations, cooking tips and step-by-step pattern make weight-loss seem effortless and also make the book interesting.

You also get access to a coherent Paleo Diet Food List, all sorts of online resources, charts and guides that will aid drastically in the process. As I’ve already told you, paleo recipes are all-natural and SOY, PEANUTS, WHEAT, CORN, OATS, LEGUMES, PROCESSED FOOD AND PRESERVATIVES are nowhere mentioned in the book.

That might just send up waves of reluctance, well, let me change that by telling you that the Paleo Recipe Book teaches you how to make the perfect steak, you own chicken broth, the tastiest vinaigrettes, beef kebabs, BBQ eggplant and herb roasted chicken breast. Waves gone yet? I’m hoping yes.


1. Cost effective. The Paleo Recipe Bookitself is within the bound of affordability and doesn’t require you to buy any supplements or other special cooking equipment. Moreover, you also save in on buying meals as the book turns you into an awesome cook. The omission of all that from the program makes it very economical, as all that you need is right in your kitchen.

2. No side effects. Eating healthy cancels most probabilities of falling sick and so far, good eating habits were never known to cause any side effects.

3. Increased energy and metabolism. The paleo recipes by Noel were woven to perfection so that you’re at the zenith of body-energy and metabolic rates.

4. Great skin and mental clarity. The exclusion of artificial ingredients ensures that all of the healthy components do their best in bringing you flawless skin and a sound sleep. Proper rest plays a major role on your mental state and all this is affected by your eating pattern, which is superlative in the case of The Paleo Recipe Book.

paleo recipe books5. The results are permanent. If you strictly adhere to the routine and not ditch it mid-way or even after the entire thing is completed, then the results are yours to keep forever.

6. Ultra-comprehensible instructions. The book is also accompanied by CHEAT SHEETS which help you deal with issues that you might have with paleo, trouble losing weight and also digestive problems. Pictorial charts and guides make the process drop-dead easy to understand and execute.


1. No instant results. Although this is one of the quickest solutions to weight-loss that I’ve come across, there are many people who expect to shrink overnight; this is definitely not for that lot.

2. Not for those who do not like cooking. Despite the recipes being absolutely easy, cooking might just not interest some of you.

3. Some of the recipes might not be suitable for pregnant women or people with ill health. The paleo recipes included in the book are all-natural and usually don’t cause any adverse interactions, but it’s best for the people who belong to those two categories to consult your physician before stepping forward.

All in all, I feel the Paleo Recipe Book is a winner and the intensity of the pros cancel out the cons.

Furthermore, accompanying the package; there are 4 bonuses

1. QUICK AND SIMPLE PALEO MEALS COOKBOOK. This will help minimize the hassles of preparation.

2. THE 8 WEEK PALEO MEAL PLAN.56 days of sheer pleasure for your taste-buds, these Paleo Breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, snacks and Paleo Dinner recipes are guaranteed to get you addicted to the entire program.

3. HERB AND SPICE GUIDE. These 29 pages of pictures and instructions educate you with the clever use of herbs and spices that will fetch you a couple of health benefits.

4. PALEO DESSERTS COOKBOOK.15 recipes of mouth-watering desserts like dark chocolate, cranberry muffins, apple dumplings and more help you satisfy your cravings instead of curbing them.

If even that fails to sound convincing, here’s a showstopper- if for any reason, you’re left dissatisfied with the product, you get a 100% money back refund within 60 days of purchase. So when there’s nothing to lose but fat, I think you should grab the opportunity and give this a shot.

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