Friday, April 16, 2021
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I’m sure you have probably heard of the Paleo diet and you probably are wondering what the hype is about. The Paleo diet is based on eating the same foods that our ancestors did in the caveman and hunter gatherer eras. According to supporters of the Paleo diet our modern diets are unhealthy and our body’s aren’t equipped to deal with a huge number of the foods we eat. Paleo supporters claim that an increase in many types of diseases was associated with the advent of agriculture and humanity’s consumption of corn. According to Paleo advocates, our genetics are the same as they were when we were cavemen, and our bodies are naturally adapted to that sort of diet.

The Primal Burn Scam

I’m sure you must have heard of people claiming that the Paleo diet and Primal Burn are scams. This is a reasonable accusation as most fat loss diets and products are scams. However, Paleo is an exception because it’s based on solid actual science. Primal Burn is definitely not a scam because it uses scientifically proven knowledge to create a program that helps burn fat quickly and easily.

Primal Burn is the premier fat loss program that attempts to bring Paleo to the mainstream by simplifying the program into easy to follow steps. The main problem with following the Paleo diet right now is that it’s incredibly complicated, and its followers tend to endlessly debate details amongst themselves. This means that the Paleo diet can be incredibly difficult to follow for anyone who isn’t an expert. Primal Burn seeks to mitigate this problem by providing an authoritative and easy to use guide.

The Scientific Evidence behind the Paleo Diet

The American government advocates a diet that is completely different from the Paleo diet. They recommend huge portions of grains every day. However, research study after research study shows that grains are unhealthy for us. Grains contain a huge amount of carbohydrates which is easily stored as fat by the body. That explains how people who switch to the Paleo diet tend to lose weight much more easily once they cut out grains. Our modern American diets are also very heavy in gluten. Wheat, rye, and barely contain high amounts of gluten, which many people are allergic to. Grains also tend to cause cellular inflammation, which adversely affects the way your body works.  Other research studies have discovered that Paleo is actually healthier than the Mediterranean diet, which is considered the healthiest diet out there.

Dairy is also avoided in the Paleo diet. According to advocates for Paleo, dairy was not part of the caveman diet (other than breastfeeding for babies obviously). There are many issues with dairy, as lots of people are lactose intolerant or casein intolerant. Additionally, milk causes a massive rise in insulin spikes. Having insulin levels is extremely unhealthy for the body and causes major issues like weight gain and diabetes.  Processed foods are also avoided completely, so you can say goodbye to Twinkies, frozen pizzas, potato chips, and other American staples. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is another ingredient you must completely avoid, it is present in sodas and many processed foods. HFCS plays havoc with our body and is partially responsible for the unhealthy state of the average American. Most sugary foods are also completely cut out as caveman didn’t ingest much sugar. In fact the average American ingests 50 teaspoons of sugar each and every day, while the average caveman got 20 teaspoons of sugar in an entire year (according to the Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hymen). Yes, Americans get 2.5 times of sugar in a day than our ancestors would get in an entire year!

Vegetable cooking oils are another big Paleo no-no. Corn oil and other vegetables oils wreak havoc on our body, and we aren’t supposed to cook our food in them. Some die hard Paleo advocates believe that all cooking oils should be avoided and that we should only use natural animal fats to cook food, while others maintain that olive oil is fine.  However, you should avoid vegetable oils at all costs.

The Primal Burn: Your Guide to Paleo

We’ve already established that the Paleo diet is a great diet to eat and has massive benefits for your health. You’re avoiding foods that cause all kinds of nasty side effects to the body. The main issue with Paleo is figuring out what exactly you can eat, and how to organize your life so you’re avoiding non-Paleo foods.

Learning what Paleo is and what it isn’t is incredibly difficult. Switching to the Paleo diet is a complex exercise that can take years to get down right. There are an incredible number of obstacles, from what you’ll bring to lunch, to what you eat while you’re travelling, to what you eat at family dinners. It’s incredibly tempting to just get a McDonalds burger when you’re hungry and don’t see anything else around. Sticking to Paleo requires a game plan. The Primal Burn is your solution, as it teaches you the exact methods to apply Paleo to your life today so you can start living a healthier and happier life.

Additionally losing weight on Paleo requires you to stick to an exercise regime as well have a deep understanding of Paleo principles. This product does exactly that. Many users have claimed that they have lost 30 pounds or even more in a matter of months thanks to Primal Burn.

The appeal of Primal Burn is that the author has simplified the endless debate and confusion around the Paleo diet into an easy to use guidebook with best practices. Consider this product your guide to Paleo if you want to avoid years of painstaking research. The product includes detailed but simple nutritional guidelines to help you stick to Paleo, as well as a full exercise routine that will help you build muscle while simultaneously losing weight.

Primal Burn costs 47$, which is an extremely good deal for a product that can help you lose large amounts of weight In a healthy and safe manner. I highly recommend Primal Burn, as it’s based on a sustainable and scientifically proven method of weight loss.

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