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1Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin disease that affects people of all ages. However, it is more common in people in the 20-25 age group. The disease is associated with increased risks of cardio-vascular diseases, certain cancers, immune mediated disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Psoriasis can be of different types and occurs when a normal skin cell is mistaken by the immune system to be a pathogenic cell. This is when the immune system starts sending out signals for the formation of new skin cells and the process gets uncontrollable leading to the piling up of layers of unnecessary skin that keeps shedding and flaking to only sustain the cycle.

Psoriasis is classified into 5 main typesPlaque, Guttate, Pustular, Inverse and Erythrodermic. Small patches of the affected skin join to form bigger ones and get enclosed within a silver lining and this is called “Plaque”. The disease can remain confined to certain regions or spread all over the body. Psoriasis only affects 2-4% of the worldwide population, and no cure has been found as yet.

People suffering from psoriasis are humiliated and isolated by the society and the school-going lot are often bullied due to the unsightly appearance of the skin. Psoriasis therefore lowers the self-esteem of a person and also induces suicidal tendencies in patients. There have been gazillion psoriasis cures put forth by different branches of medicine. However, home remedies for psoriasis remain the most sought after treatment owing to their non-chemical nature. Here’s a little assistance to find the perfect all-natural solution for Psoriasis.

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Natural Cures for Psoriasis

Psoriasis home remedies are safer than chemical medicines as they do not worsen the condition if used properly. Also, due to their lack of chemicals, these psoriasis home remedies have lesser chances of triggering other conditions and side-effects. Here’s a list of a few home cures medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH that you could use to soothe the disease.image001

1. Gluten-Free Diet- Gluten containing foods heighten inflammation, and as it is known, psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. Patients that excluded gluten foods like wheat, barley, rye, etc. from their diet reported betterment in their condition. And diet is the most integral of all psoriasis home remedies. Although the association of a gluten-free diet with psoriasis isn’t scientifically backed, a lot of people find it pacifying to follow this remedy.

2. Turmeric- Turmeric has been used over the years to treat a number of conditions/diseases. Again, this has no scientific backing, despite many people reporting some success with the use of turmeric as a part of psoriasis home remedies owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Water- You need to replenish your system and keep it hydrated. Psoriasis by itself is a disease that’s characterized by the dryness and flaking of skin. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a good diet are the most important of psoriasis home remedies. Drinking water will help maintain balance and reduce the itchiness.

4. Dead Sea Salts- Balneotherapy is a cost-effective treatment that was found to be successful in treating psoriasis without the use of any medications. This therapy required the patient to bathe in the Dead Sea for four weeks with controlled exposure to the sun, else the risk of sunburn, etc. rises. However, it isn’t possible for everyone to travel all over to the Mediterranean Basin only to cure psoriasis, so Dead Sea salts come to rescue in this case. Nonetheless, adding Dead Sea salts to your bath tub and soaking in it won’t produce the same results that you can get from the Dead Sea, as there are a lot of other conditions that are needed to use it as one of the psoriasis home remedies.

5. No Dyes or Perfumes- Look for non-irritant soaps and perfumes, as the ones that contain a lot of chemicals sure make you smell great but also work up psoriasis. Try not to dye/colour your hair if you have scalp psoriasis as this will worsen the condition. This plays a crucial role as one of the psoriasis home remedies.

A Long-Term Cure for Psoriasis

LegBeforeAfterPsoriasisThere are chemical drugs that can lead to psoriasis, this affliction is termed as “Drug Induced Psoriasis” and then there are other chemical drugs that are formulated to treat psoriasis, but are accompanied by undesirable effects. As such, home psoriasis remedies seem safer, but you should be aware that even psoriasis home remedies are capable of bringing about side effects if they are not used the right way. Most people get overwhelmed and in their desperation to cure the disease, they try everything together, without cross-checking the possible outcomes.

This creates the necessity for a guide that’s completely chemical free, doesn’t spark off untoward conditions and solely works on the target. Well, Katy Wilson, a self-sufferer of psoriasis for more than a decade has managed to produce such a guide that satisfies all facets that a perfect treatment demands. Psoriasis Free for Life is the name of the merchandise and it comes in the form of an instantly downloadable eBook. The program only contains psoriasis natural remedies, and a specific psoriasis diet to cure the disease forever.

Thousands of men and women of different age groups and ethnicities, suffering from psoriasis of various types and intensities have been cured for a life-time with the use of Wilson’s compilation of psoriasis home remedies. The book is laid out in an easily understandable fashion and is designed in a way that it could be effortlessly incorporated into one’s lifestyle.

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What Psoriasis Free for Life Can Do for You

Psoriasis Free for Life functions in 3 steps and if shadowed closely, can bring about results in just 3-days. The steps include-




The steps contain other sub-steps and need to be followed systematically. Here’s an overview of what Psoriasis Free for Life actually is-

2. 100% Effective in treating the disease.
3. Doesn’t encourage the use of chemicals.
4. Fast results- just 3 days.
5. Tells you everything you need to know about the illness.
6. Zero side effects.
7. You get slimmer and toned by the end of the program.
8. General physical and mental health is upped.
9. Contains only psoriasis home remedies that work.


It goes without saying that Psoriasis Free for Life is indeed the best of all Psoriasis home remedies, the reasons for which I’ve already mentioned in the previous section.

Also, the book comes with 7 free bonuses that include-

BONUS #1: Superfoods for Optimum Health- Chlorella and Spirulina
BONUS #2: The Healing Power of Water
BONUS #3: 177 Ways to Burn Calories
BONUS #4: Supplementing With Superfoods
BONUS #5: The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
BONUS# 6: 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
BONUS #7: A Handbook of Health

Additionally, Wilson has laid out an almost irresistible offer of a 60-day cash back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the results. The only dark-side of this program that I found is that the book isn’t available in the form of an hard-copy, but that’s not much of an issue as you can always get all 190 pages printed. So, go ahead and buy your copy to start eliminating Psoriasis forever!

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