Sunday, March 7, 2021
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The saying “silent, but deadly” has never been more apt to describe something than with silent reflux. While not immediately deadly, this illness afflicts countless people who are either unaware or simply do not have the time or patience to deal with such a miniscule pain. Unfortunately, the real problem with silent reflux has to do with the number of long term issues that can arise as a result of letting this fester for too long. Tissues along the esophagus and other aspects of the nasal passages can become inflamed and destroyed as a result of prolonged exposure to acids. In the following article, we will briefly discuss what this reflux can do and how you might avoid experiencing it for too long.

Causes of Silent Reflux

There are a number of causes of silent reflux, just like any kind of acid reflux, but it is a good idea to recognize specifically what happens. Many times, the muscles at either end of the esophagus (often referred to as sphincter muscles) are not strong enough or are underdeveloped. This causes food in the stomach to be able to move freely up the esophagus, which has acids and often leads to vomiting or pain and discomfort depending on the severity and age. With the silent type, the pain and discomfort is typically significantly reduced.

This reduction in pain gives people a false sense of security even if they feel that something might be wrong. In babies, the cause of the reflux is that their sphincter muscles might not be developed enough to handle the food and acids that are coming back up. In adults, it might be diet related or just due to the timing in which people eat. No matter what the case may be, the result is the same – potentially dangerous long term health hazards.

Solving Silent Reflux

Solving your problem with silent reflux is sometimes easier said than done. There are many foods that adults and babies alike should avoid if acid is a problem. Even though the sphincter muscles might be too weak anyway, avoiding high acid foods can prevent damage to the esophagus and other regions of the nasal passages.

  • Foods, such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, and even citrus fruits can be a main cause in adults.
  • Often, the children must only eat at certain times and not lay down horizontally until a certain number of hours have passed

For children, it is much harder to determine the most effective methods of removing reflux problems. Sometimes it is best to visit a doctor and see what they might have to say. Gravity can be a force for good when babies are struggling with this type of reflux problem.

Doctors and Reflux Disease

There are a number of ways for doctors to determine whether you are struggling with some form of reflux disease and it is a good idea to undergo the necessary tests to find out for sure. Even if there is little to no discomfort or pain, you might find that long term problems can arise if you allow tissue to be constantly eroded by the acid. Not all regions of the body are supposed to have acid contact, which makes a significant health risk in many people.

Babies are particularly at risk as they already have weak muscles. It is important to perform all of the necessary tests in order to determine whether your baby has any reflux problems so that they can solve it early and avoid scarring from a very young age.

Silent Reflux Solutions

As indicated previously, there are a number of solutions that you can attempt from home, but not all of them will have the desired result. The hardest aspect of this reflux disease is that it is nearly impossible to accurately solve the problem without spending considerable time testing. Even then, the discomfort and pain are not often bad enough to prompt serious action.

It truly is a silent killer in the sense that it can damage your body beyond repair without actually hurting you. Make sure that you visit a doctor for yourself or your small child if there are any doubts or questions about this reflux problem.

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