Friday, April 16, 2021
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There are many instructors and weight loss coaches out there and everyone seems to have the same notion when it comes to some of the best fat burning exercises. I’m not here to tell you the same thing you’ve probably already heard; instead I’m going to reveal to you what has worked for my own friends and family after I recommended to them this knowledge.

You probably expected to read another article on doing cardio or crunches to lose weight and get abs… Sorry to disappoint you but those are NOT the best fat burning exercises. But below I’m going to show you some of the best workouts that you can do that will definitely burn your belly but only if you do them.

Full Body Intense Workouts

What do I mean by full body? Well its simple, you need to move your entire body and use multiple muscle groups. Let me start by telling you that studies have already proven since 2006 that building muscle WILL burn fat much dramatically than basic cardio. When you build muscle mass you increase your body’s metabolic rate, this is a sort of after burn effect that occurs post workout. When you get off the treadmill you’ve burnt off some fat for sure, but up to 2 hours after you are still burning fat because your metabolic rate is elevated.

Now building muscle mass dramatically boosts that metabolic effect by up to 48 hours! That’s right, compare that to your normal treadmill routine, you’re burning significantly more weight from building muscle. Of course this also depends on your diet and eating habits but the difference is huge.

So how do we build more muscle mass? You can build muscle mass by doing arm curls using dumbbells or walking on the treadmill but are those the best fat burning exercises and the most efficient way to build muscle? Nope, to burn fat you want to do full body intense workouts because this will build muscle throughout your ENTIRE body thus increasing your muscle mass significantly and ultimately boosting your metabolism. The keyword being intense, to build muscle you need to do intense training which includes weights.

Now after reading about building muscle mass most women usually get worried but you shouldn’t be. When you do full body workouts you are building muscle mass all over your body, by doing then you won’t see only abs or your biceps won’t grow out of proportion but actually many of the slim models you see on television actually have quite a bit of muscle mass! It doesn’t show, unless you focus on a particular region of your body. When men do crunches they’re specifically focusing their abdominal region that’s why they see them develop so quickly. By doing full body your body will get into a more athletic slim shape rather than the extremely skinny starved body.

Running To Lose Weight

Hey but you just said cardio is useless earlier… That’s true; I said that because most people do the wrong type of cardio. Sure if you do cycling everyday you’ll lose weight but you’re reading this article because your more interested in the best fat burning exercises that will get you burning fat much faster than what you’re already doing.

When I say running I’m talking about intense running. While it may not be as effective as the earlier method, running still uses multiple muscle groups only difference being that there is less resistance due to lack of weights thus less muscle development. None the less, if done correctly running can be an amazing exercise to lose weight fast.

You may have heard of interval training right? If not let me explain. Basically you want to run at high speeds for a small interval then take a few seconds break, this process is continued throughout an entire running session. This is the level of intensity you want to be doing to get fast weight loss results.

When you’re starting out go with your maximum speed you can for 1 minute then take 30 seconds break, continue doing this for 10-15 minutes every day for a week. The first month you want to be focusing on increasing running speed every minute while lowering rest duration throughout your workouts. The second month should be to increasing your running duration while also increasing the incline.

The incline helps build more muscle in your calf/thigh region as the downward force acts as a resistance weight. That’s why it feels harder to run up hill than down.

To conclude I want you to take one of the methods above and take action, don’t just sit around but now that you know the best fat burning exercises, you should try them for yourself. You should definitely check out Truth About Abs, it’s a full body intense workout plan that will get you burning fat like no tomorrow! You’re metabolic rate will skyrocket up to 400% more than you currently are so definitely check it out, click here.

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