Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Best Muscle Building SupplementsSo you want to take supplements and are looking for the best muscle building supplements? If you’ve ever gone to vitamin store or maybe you’ve seen them at your gym, you’ll notice that there are such a wide variety of different supplements that are available on the market.

While some of them work, majority of the supplements have little to know effect other than a psychological effect where you feel that now that you’ve taken your supplement you can now do double time in the gym. This is not the effect of the supplement but rather the psychological effect it has on your body that makes you pump more and longer.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some supplements out there that do work and provide results. But don’t go replacing your diet with supplements, this is a huge mistake. Supplements are exactly that, they should be used to supplement your current dieting and workout routine. This means that you should try to include your supplements into your diet, sure you can replace some protein foods with some protein supplements but the more natural sources of vitamins your body receives the better the results. There are many known body builders who’ve built their bodies WITHOUT external drugs/supplements.

Whey Protein

Among the few supplements that do work, Whey Protein is one of them. There are many suppliers of Whey Protein as its probably one of the most popular protein source available on the market. It has a biological index of 150 protein units which is quite sufficient.

For the best results you want to eat or drink your Whey Protein source 1-2 hours after completing your workout in the gym. When you complete your workout, the first 2 hours is the most crucial as your body is hungry for nutrients and it’s the best time to feed it instant protein that’ll help in muscle development and repair.

Meal Replacement Supplements

One of the best muscle building supplements are meal replacement ones. If you’re usually busy throughout the day and probably don’t have time to spend making a proper meal then meal replacement shakes provide the perfect amount of the vital nutrients that your body needs.

They are safe to take and you can drink them about 2-3 times per day, although make sure to also eat some solid foods as well for the other 3-4 meals that you have. What I like to do is drink one after breakfast meal, once during a snack meal and once for dinner.

One of the most popular products out there is called Shakeology, you may or may not have heard of it but it’s a great meal replacement supplement that provides all the nutrients your body needs.


This is another addition to the best muscle building supplements list. Glutamine is responsible for your muscle repair when you complete your workout. Most meal replacements supplements and other foods already contain Glutamine but it’s important that you make sure to get products that include this great supplement within its core ingredients. Eating Glutamine will increase your muscle growth so make sure to include it for those of you who are looking for muscle gains.

So those are the top 3 best muscle building supplements that I would recommend to anyone, other than these you should be eating a well-balanced diet and doing a hardcore workout routine in order to build more muscle fast. If you’re thinking about getting supplements then I’ll warn you now that it takes a big bite out of your wallet so only invest if you feel that you’ve reached the point that its best suited for your future body building success. If you’d rather take the more nature route which shows better results than you might want to check out The Diet Solution Program which has the perfect foods to eat in order to achieve maximum muscle growth. Honestly, the natural body builder looks much more attractive to the opposite sex 😉

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