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Truth About Six Pack Abs Details

Truth About Six Pack Abs

That’s right, the real truth about abs has finally been revealed now…

Or has it?

The truth about abs program has gained a lot of buzz over the last few years and I bet you’re here because you’ve been told that this program is amazing, am I right?

You probably already know this but a lot of hype doesn’t necessarily mean something is good…

In fact you’re probably here because you’re looking for a real Truth About Abs review.

FACT: It is almost impossible to find an honest review now a day; it’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack…

That’s exactly why I’m writing this review, as the e-Health Critic it’s my job to get you the real facts behind products and whether they truly stand up to the hype that they have generated.

So this is what I did…

I bought the Truth About Abs program and read through the entire 149 pages and here is my review…

Firstly I want to start out by saying that the Truth About Six Pack Abs program is one of the most comprehensive products I’ve ever seen!

Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly why this program WORKS and is proven by my own bit of research…

Who is Mike Geary?

Mike GearyBefore I go into the details let me introduce you to the creator of Truth About Abs because it’s important to know the credibility of what you are being taught…

Mike Geary is the author of The Truth About Six Pack Abs which is currently the highest rated muscle building ebook in the world. He is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Personal Trainer and holds a Bachelor of Science from Susquehanna University.

His not the biggest trainer you’ll see but he stays lean and ripped throughout the whole year no matter his average genes…

After reading this Truth About Abs ebook I have to admit that this man is a GENIUS to say the least, he knows the real science behind the body and WILL get you ripped if you follow what he says…

Ok, so what the heck is the Truth About Six Pack Abs?

Now before you decide to get six pack abs it is important to know one thing…

This program is not just for people seeking six pack abs! This is a huge misconception people seem to get about the program…

The workouts and diet principles outlined in the Truth About Abs program will have you burning fat like you’ve never experienced before!

In fact, before reading the Truth About Abs I was making some of the biggest mistakes just like you might also be…

Below are some of the things that Mike teaches in the Truth About Six Pack Abs…

  1. Stop starving yourself of food which include carbs! Mike teaches you how to eat more of the right carbs and burn fat like a machine!
  2. Why cardio such as running, walking and cycling can only get you so far.
  3. Taking protein shakes? Mike shows you how to get the real natural sources of protein that build the HARDEST muscle tissue! (Not your ordinary chicken and beef)
  4. Dietary fats are finally revealed thanks to Mike and you’ll be shocked after reading about it.

The truth about six pack abs is not only about dieting and eating the right foods but the core meat of the ebook is the intense workout principles that will SKYROCKET your muscle building and abs building potential.

What’s the secret sauce behind the truth about six pack abs?…

Before I get into the details let me ask you something. Why is the six pack a symbol of a properly built body? Why do so many people appreciate a six pack more than large biceps?

The answer is simple, because the abdominal area is one of the hardest parts of your body to build and perfect…

You can go do some bicep curls with some heavy dumbbells and you’ll feel a difference in your biceps within a week but when it comes to your abs then it gets a little tricky.

Everyone struggles to build a six pack; if you’re overweight then you need to lose that belly while also building your ab muscles and if you’re skinny then you still need to build your core ab muscles in order to see any definition…

The great thing about the Truth About Six Pack Abs is that it addresses both types of people, whether you’re fat or skinny.

Now the secret sauce is very simple and its complete common sense, it works so well that many of the top muscle building programs are following this exact principle yet calling it by different names which you may have heard of, ie. Muscle confusion, afterburn effect etc…


Full Body Intense Workouts

To get six pack abs you need to get to ridiculously low levels of body fat percentages, around 6-12% body fat! This might seem impossible if you’re overweight but trust me with this little secret you will burn fat up to 400% more than running on a treadmill for an hour.

This is how it works… When you do full body intense workouts then you are actually working out multiple muscle groups. When you’re on the treadmill you are mainly working your lower body as you walk or run.

If you’ve been running or walking for a while now then you will notice your calf and thigh muscles starting to develop and show definition.

This happens because you’re working out your lower body and you’ve actually burned considerable amount of fat from your legs which is showing up your leg muscles.

Ideally you want to be focusing to burn your entire body fat not just in one single area, but for the sake of getting a six pack you need to burn your belly fat.

When you’re on the treadmill majority of the fat you are burning is happening in your lower body and you will eventually see a decrease in your belly fat too because when you exercise you are actually also stimulating your resting metabolism rate (RMR) which burns fat AFTER you’ve finished your workout.

Now believe it or not, scientific research has proven that in order to increase your RMR you have build MUSCLE. That’s right, even if you’re not looking to become buff. If you build muscle then you will lose weight significantly faster!

“Long-term effects of training include increases in RMR due to increases in lean muscle mass.” Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (2003), 62, 621–634.

So the Truth About Six Pack Abs actually teaches you how to perform the most effective full body intense workouts that target multiple muscle groups throughout your entire body.

Alongside the nutrition guide, if these workouts are performed then you will increase your lean muscle mass significantly more than running on a treadmill. By doing so, you will BOOST your RMR and start to burn fat from your entire body 24 hours every day!

I’m a women… can the Truth About Abs program help me?

I get that most women will be concerned with all the building muscle mass and gaining a six pack abs notion but don’t worry, Mike goes into extensive detail about how women can implement his principles to lose weight drastically while also looking sexy in a bikini! Check out some of the results women have had by following the Truth About Six Pack Abs program below…

Stephanie Testimonial

Concluding thoughts…

After reading and doing our own research on the principles outlined in the ebook I would like to commend Mike for creating a solid product that not only teaches people how to lose weight extremely quick but his methods are completely backed up by genuine scientific research conducted by the major health institutes of the world.

So it’s time for the eHealth Rating and I have decided to give the Truth About Six Pack Abs ebook a 5 star rating!

If you’ve been thinking about losing weight then you HAVE to try the Truth About Six Pack Abs and if you follow it then you will see results from the first week!

Click here if you’ve made a commitment to change your life and get the body you’ve always dreamed of…

Click here to change your life!

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