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6 packs abs 9Weight loss has always been the prime concern of a lot of people. Most pills, belts, arduous exercises and crash diets that claim to reduce those stubborn inches overnight often bring no change at all or reverse the process of weight loss. All these deceitful approaches lessen or nullify the hopes of people who truly seek genuine ways to shed the extra pounds. In Fact, you might be reluctant to even read another review associated with a fat-burning product.

However, unlike most so-called “magical” routes to weight-loss, the Truth About Six Pack Abs is honest in revealing that it isn’t going to transform you instantly, but with some amount of hard-work and dedication from your side, you will metamorphose into something that you’ve always hankered after. The efforts that you put in are definitely NOT going down the drain, as thousands of people have witnessed the effective, lasting results of the program and you will be counted in that lot.

With this Truth About Abs review, you will learn what it is all about and how it is going to help you with blubber incineration and muscle building.

What Is The Truth About Abs?

The Truth About Abs” is authored by Mike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer specialized in body fat reduction, power training and functional strength. The book is tailored in a way to help both men and women lose the extra pounds without getting bored or tired. The approach is candid and escalates your health, fitness, appearance and confidence to towering levels.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a perfect combination of exercise routines and dietary plans that leave no stone unturned in amplifying energy levels, turning your body into a fat burning machine and transforming you into nothing less than red-carpet material.

6 packs abs 8How Does It Work For You?

You’re taught how to calculate your Daily Calorific Needs (for men and women) so that you know exactly how much you need to eat per meal. There’s an alternative to that, as you receive a Metabolic Rate Calculator that does the same, once you subscribe. Depending upon the readings of the calculator, you have to choose from a particular category of what food you need to eat in order that you gain eligibility to jump to the next level of the program. The exercises exclude long, boring and arduous cardio, crunches and sit-ups. Instead, another set of exercises are woven together to provide you with better results than other difficult workouts. Initially, they might seem a little complex, but as your body adapts to them, they’ll be a lot easier to do.

Geary is impressively precise in his approach and mentions bluntly that the exercises turn futile regardless of the perfection that you put in, if you’re still going to perpetually gobble up junk. The mechanism in which food gets digested, the locations in which they get stored and the rate at which different kinds of food get excreted are laid out in the most coherent way possible. You’re also provided with a list of bad foods and good foods.

Accompanying the package, there are 5 BONUSES

1. The e-Book, Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body By Mike Geary

2. A personalized Metabolic rate calculator

3. Five Secret hard-body workout routines

4. An ebook-5 Foods that Kill Stomach Fat (and 2 Foods to STOP Eating)

5. A free subscription to the Lean Body Fitness Secrets E-zine


1. Absolutely effective and comprehensible. The exercises along with the mechanism in which they work are explained in a step-by-step, easily absorbable manner, aided with pictures that take you by the hand along the way make the whole routine simple to understand and less time-consuming. You don’t just lose-weight, you also replace fat with strong, toned muscle.

2. Common fads are exposed. The book educates you with what to and what not to do, and exposes some of the common fads that often succeed in pitting your journey to weight loss.

3. No sad goodbyes to savoury dishes. This doesn’t mean that you can cram in junk and still look gorgeous, The Truth About Six Pack Abs shows you how to eat delicious food right. This way, you won’t have to take the extra pain of curbing your cravings, as all the recipes on the meal plan satisfy your cravings.

4. No gym and not much exercising equipment required. All you need is a stability ball and a pair of dumb-bells. There’s no extra fancy equipment that you need to buy and you also save in on gym fees because the workouts are doable at home. That’s majorly economical.

5. Flawless skin, boosted energy and enhanced body functioning. Eating well and doing the right workouts for the right span of time fetches you the body that you’ve always dreamed of. Not only a lean, perfectly toned body, The Truth About Six Pack Abs also helps you get awesome skin and great organ functionality.

6 packs abs 16. Healthy, mouth-watering recipes included. Imagine feasting on addictive foods, while still burning fat and looking ravishing. This is exactly what the package offers; there are a couple of delicious recipes that actually catalyse weight-loss, organized perfectly so that you save in on extra browsing time.


1. The product isn’t a quick fix. The Truth About Six Pack abs is time-consuming and requires hard-work and self-control. The results will never make you regret taking up this entire weight-loss process, as it is totally worth it.

2. Complicated work-outs. The workouts included in the book are pretty different from usual exercises and are also quite complex. So, initially, some hard-work has to be put in until you get used to the whole routine.

3. Not for those who do not like to read/cook. If you are too busy to read and follow the instructions or if you simply dislike reading, then you might as well refrain from making this buy. Also, people who do not like to cook can ditch the product.

4. Not applicable for pregnant women and people with ill health. To avoid any further complications, it is best to consult your physician before going ahead with The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

The fads that channel your knowledge about weight-loss wide off the mark are exposed and you get to know what kind of techniques are beneficial for you and what techniques are false. The multiple benefits that The Truth About Six Pack Abs facilitate you with make the product all the more inevitable. Moreover, the advantages outrun the disadvantages, making the product even more desirable. You probably might have noticed that I’ve used “THE TRUTH ABOUT ABS” in some places and “THE TRUTH ABOUT SIX PACK ABS” in the rest, well, both are one and the same, and owing to the growing popularity of the product, people began to use either of the two names.

So, I hope this will help you make a clever decision whether THE TRUTH ABOUT ABS will suit your requirements or not. Just remember that the book will really help you get a lot of long-term benefits too. Accompanied by 5 free bonuses, you have a lot more to gain and nothing to lose, except your fat. That should be convincing enough for you to place your order right away. I wish you all the luck in your journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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