Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Worried about that excess flab that jiggles every time you run, or make any kind of vigorous movement? Have your muscles gotten all squishy and soft, owing to pregnancy or lack of exercise or over-eating? Well, here’s an amazingly potent way to shed the flab and look fab.

For all you ladies out there, who’re at the peak of disappointment with all the products that you’ve tried out so far and not managed to burn a single calorie, this will just be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. THE VENUS FACTOR- weight loss program was propounded by John Barban, a well-known health and fitness expert who has studied exercise and human physiology.

johnbarbanBarban has been in the sports and dietary supplements industries for years, in which, he had eventually come to a conclusion that the functionality, physiology of muscles and response to exercise by men is completely different from that in women.Men lose fat much faster than women, and muscle builds up in the place of fat. But for women, it’s not that easy a task to build up muscle and make it stay. Barban introduces us to Leptin, the key component of THE VENUS FACTOR SYSTEM. Leptin is a hormone that is adipose-derived. Now, you might be wondering how a hormone from a fat cell will help you get rid of fat. Well, let me tell you, Leptin is nothing short of a magic ingredient, which controls your appetite, energy intake and expenditure, hunger, metabolism and behaviour. The role of leptin in eradicating fat is explained in detail in the book so that you learn what actually is happening in your body and how to control it.



The Venus Factor workout videos and insider tips prove to be a female-fat loss loophole, on how to purge your body of the excess pounds and reshape it. The problem with most of us is that, we try starving our way to slenderness, and end up looking malnourished with those horrible dark-circles and what not. The Venus Factor is a program that saves you from all the self-torture and instead, emphasizes on all the food that you can have which will keep your body as well as your mind off the inevitable cravings.

The most challenging question of any kind of weight-loss program is that… “Will the fat stay away from me or will it just be a boomerang?” And Barban sure does have a proficient answer to that. The Venus Factor not only burns the fat away, but also helps keep it at bay, so you don’t have to be afraid of any kind of fat-phoenix.

Oh, another bonus point that you need to know is that… while it might be easy for some of us to merely drop the unwelcomed guests, keeping the musculature of our body right might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So the Venus Factor System exhibits explicitly, in the form of videos and pictures, the various work-outs that you need to do in order to gain and retain that toned figure. The exercises are quite simple initially, and get a little complex as you proceed, but the results that you witness on your own body will undoubtedly propel you to continue.

The Venus Factor Scam or Candour?

Does it look like a scam? Hell no! there’s no short-cut way or miraculous instant good-looks claimed anywhere in the book or videos. Barban unambiguously says that sincere dedication is required. There is a dieting plan included in the system, don’t worry, it’s not all boiled chicken and broccoli, infact, it does contain food quite pleasing to the tongue. Also, Barban mentions a couple of breakthrough tips that have proved to dwindle the waistline of many women. The Venus Factor Digital Nutritionist is an app that calculates the exact calorie and protein requirements for an individual, isn’t that just enough to galvanize one to start off right away?!


1. This system takes into account what most other programs don’t. The physiology, tolerance, response and other body requirements of men are different from women. This program emphasizes only on women.

2. There is a Venus index calculator. This will give you the ratio of your weight and height, which is different from woman to women. So, you can follow the program based on the particulars of your body and its requirements, without under or over-doing it.

woman_-_jogging_-_confident3. It’s a really honest approach and doesn’t claim instant results. You can make out by this, that the routine isn’t a fad at all, like other hexed pills or belts or whatsoever. It might not be that easy to do, but hey! Remember… easy come, easy go. And we don’t want that right? Right.

4. Very understandable terms. The manner of explanation of the entire routine is totally coherent, there’s nothing that complicated, so you don’t have to tie your body into a knot trying to figure out what position is required for each exercise. The dieting plan includes a list of food for every meal so you save the extra browsing time.

5. No fancy work-out equipment or gym required. You don’t necessarily have to get a gym card for this or shop for any extra equipment.

6. You don’t have to completely supress your cravings for your favourite food. The Venus Factor shows you how to eat your favourite food in such a way that you won’t have to look at the label for the fat content everytime you buy something that you fancy.

7. The benefits come to you and stay with you. (Provided you don’t ditch the routine mid-way… or once you’ve gotten what you wanted) You will not feel like stopping once you start seeing the results of the routine, but some of us, in that crazy vanity, stop with it once we see the results. That is something that you should NEVER EVER do!!


1. Not suitable for pregnant women and women with ill health. The main focus of the program is to help women get a hour-glass figure. So, this can be done post-pregnancy, and certainly not during that period. Women with other medical conditions might as well consult your doctors before you step into this.

2. The exercises are complex. As I’ve said before, in the initial stages, the work-outs are simple, but they get complicated further and there are multiple routines in a single workout session.

3. Time-consuming. The program might be a little time-consuming, but you get to see the results within 12 weeks of commencement, so that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

All in all, I would say that The Venus Factor is an ideal program that would help you get that perfect hour-glass figure, which is in proportion to your height and weight. It emphasizes more on exercise rather than your diet, but it does produce great results. You will not only lose weight, but also have a beautifully toned body. The program is braced by Barban, and there’s a complete refund for those of you who aren’t satisfied with the product. So I wish you all success in your journey to transformation.


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