Thursday, April 15, 2021
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“Truth about Cellulite” is a comprehensive guide for all those men and women who suffer from the stubborn and ugly dimpled skin outgrowths in their lower body regions. Cellulite often occurs in the lower body regions prone to fat deposits like your hip area, thighs and legs. These ugly marks can make you look older than you really are and result into a huge blow onto your self-esteem and confidence. If you are ashamed, frustrated, pissed off or just feeling low, when you have a look at your naked body in front of the mirror, you are in desperate need of this guide which tackles the situation in the most practical manner.

The guide also, takes a realistic approach to the problem of cellulite and acknowledges that the problem is tricky to solve. This is the primary reason why most of the cellulite removal treatment available in the market fails to show any constructive results on most. Also, explaining the misconceptions and truth about cellulite, the author Joey Atlas mentions that the most commonly held notion about the appearance of cellulite and other skin protrusions in the lower body are wrong. He mentions that the creams and products marketed in large quantities in the cosmetic market fail to address the real reason for cellulite production therefore, it is practically impossible for them to cure it.

joneJoey Atlas is a fitness expert and exercise physiologist, helping women in more than 193 countries to get rid of these ugly marks on their body and regain their lost confidence. He shares some bizarre and some even awkward remedies aimed at reducing the cellulite marks, reforming the shape of their lower body and bikini model fitness secrets. These remedies do not use any irrational exercises, no impossible diet. He uses a holistic approach to teach both men and women, how to get rid of cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Quite different from common notion that cellulite is deposition of excess fat in the layers of the skin, which results in the “orange peel” look of the skin; cellulite is a part of the inner muscle cells. The connective tissue beneath the skin layers, especially in lower body areas, which are subjected to maximum wear-and-tear in our life time, combine with the fat or adipose tissues in that area to give rise to the puckered skin. The adipose tissues need not be blamed because they are similar to any other fat tissues in our body. The problem is with the rigidity of the muscle layers which interact with these fat tissues to form the ugly undulations which appear as cellulite on the skin.

Cellulite production is seen more common in females than in males as the specific arrangement of the connective tissues in both sexes is different. The difference in structure and arrangement of the underlying connective tissue make women more susceptible to get cellulite. Various other life style factors influencing the increased appearance of cellulite are smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, stress and hypertension. Cellulite treatment therefore should be all-rounded taking into account all the possible factors responsible for its appearance.


The Truth about Cellulite Review

Tony Atlas in the extract has explained the various causes, manifestations, symptoms and prognosis of the problem in great detail. The vast majority of the book is dedicated in breaking the myths about cellulite and educating young men and women about the truth behind the menace and the true remedies possible to cure it.

Myths Related to Cellulite Formation

cellulite-bannerDuring the course of his career and continued research on the cellulite problem, experienced mostly by females, Tony Atlas realized that most women truly believe most of the myths floating in the market. The most common myths are that, cellulite formation is genetic and one cannot help but suffer from the humiliation that the ugly skin undulations bring them. This concept is nothing near to the truth that cellulite is actually aggravated by lifestyle choices like lack of exercise or even some accidents some times. It has nothing to do with your genes but with the environment that you live in.

Another myth is that, once you have got these ugly cellulite on your lower body, it is impossible to get rid of them. It is a fact that getting rid of cellulite is not an easy task and certainly not possible with some lotion or cream. Cardio exercise is good for almost all but alas! These exercises also cannot do much for the cellulite appearance. The truth about cellulite is that, it can be removed by a perfect harmonious regime of lower body muscle stimulation exercises combined with proper diet and health choices, which will prevent these ugly marks from coming back.

Benefits of Reading Truth about Cellulite

It does not promote any cosmetics, cream or chemical product promising to get rid of cellulite. It does not market any expensive machine or surgery which will rid you of your money and nothing else. Truth about cellulite addresses the problem in the most scientific way and is supported by most dermatologists and fitness experts. Truth about cellulite review will provide you with enough proof that the stimulation regime combined with healthy life choices can help you get rid of cellulite and obtain smooth, rigid and full bosoms. You can then walk confidently in a swimwear without being conscious or wary of the other beautiful women around you.

How Does Truth About Cellulite Work?

Unlike most cellulite treatment, this regime concentrates on a multi-directional approach to cure the stubborn cellulite on your body. On following the mentioned tips religiously, you can see the difference in only few days time. The book promises that it will help you get rid of the ugly cellulite in only 28 days. You can expect to see the following changes starting after mere 5 days.

The lower body will start becoming firm and slowly regain its original shape, with no shaggy or folded skin whatsoever.

The area around your buttocks will visibly become smooth and tight.

Slowly the entire lower body area will look smooth and more firm than before.

You will learn the secrets of the bikini models to keep you lower body looking ravishing forever.


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