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Vision Without Glasses Details

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Vision Without Glasses claims that it can help a person improve their eyesight without having to use glasses or contacts.  According to the program, every person can naturally improve their eyesight with eye exercises.  The program was created by Duke Peterson and is based on the research and life work of Dr. W. H. Bates.   The program claims that if you do the exercises for 15 minutes a day you’ll improve your eyesight drastically within 3 months.  The main principle behind this program is that we must attack the cause of bad eyesight (too much eyestrain) rather than just the symptoms.   Unlike laser eye surgery which costs thousands of dollars, this program only costs 37 dollars.

Who is Duke Peterson?

Duke Peterson is the author of Visions Without Glasses. He used to own an ophthalmology practice which was known as one of the best in town.  He brings years of experience in the field of eyecare to the table.  He stumbled upon Dr. Bates’ system and perfected it with his own modifications.  He left his own ophthalmology business to bring Dr. Bates’ system to the world.

The Principles behind Visions Without Glasses

Glasses and Contacts Hurt Your Vision

According to W. H. Bates glasses can actually hurt your vision.  This is because glasses attack the symptom of your eye problem (bad vision) instead of the cause(which is eye strain).  This leads to a false sense of safety and glasses merely just hurt your vision in the long term.  While contacts and glasses are great for short term solutions, in the long term you will want to use the eye exercises to gain back your 20/20 vision naturally.

Eye Exercises 15 Minutes a Day

The core of this program is the daily exercises that you do for 15 minutes a day.  According to the program, these exercises will result in massively improved eye vision within 3 months.  Many customers claim that after those exercises they don’t even have to use their glasses or contacts.  These exercises are very easy to do and you only need to them for 15 minutes a day every day.  Some of these exercises can also give you instant relief from eye strain.  These exercises will leave your eye feeling better each and every day.

It Can Help You with All Kinds of Eye Problems

This program can help you with a wide variety of eye problems such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, glaucoma, eye strain, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and presbyopia.  Visions Without Glasses claims that all those problems will go away within a few months of starting the program.  Following the program will correct all of those problems.

Laser Surgery vs Visions Without Glasses

Some people say there’s no point in buying this program because you can just get laser eye surgery.  However, this program only costs 37$ compared to laser eye surgery which frequently costs over 5000$.  Additionally this program is risk-free with a 60 day full money back guarantee.   Keep in mind that laser surgery also has many health risks involved.  For example, some people who have undergone laser eye surgery have suffered permanent blindness.   Even if that is very rare, a lot of people do suffer from increased eye irritation after laser eye surgery.    There are other potential side effects and laser eye surgery is far more risky and costs more than just paying the measly 37 dollars for this eBook.

Case Study

I myself have far-sightedness and occasionally have eye strain.  I decided to test out this product with a brief 10 day case study.  I followed every aspect of the program and did all the exercises for 15 minutes a day.  I didn’t see much improvement the first 3-4 days.  However, after 5-6 days I did notice I had far less frequent eye strain and my vision was slightly clearer when I wasn’t wearing classes.  By Day 10 I had noticed that my eye strain was completely gone and that my eyesight was decently clear.  For sake of the review, I don’t have time to wait 3 months for the full program but I can say that this program definitely has helped me massively.  I went to my optician on day 10 and I found that my eyesight had actually improved slightly.  I’m going to keep on this program and see what other benefits I can again.

The eBook itself is well organized and easy to read.  Additionally Duke Peterson provides a lot of scientific backing for the principles in his book . After reading his book I realized just wearing my glasses would only end up worsening my vision in the long term.  However, I was disappointed by the lack of detailed diagrams in the eBook.  The descriptions are very clear though and you will end up doing the exercises properly.

The Pros of This Program

– The program works for most people, most customers are very satisfied.

– The exercises only take 15 minutes a day, thus this program can fit into the toughest schedules.

– Its digitally delivered so you get the eBook instantly.

– The program is priced at a very low price of 37 dollars only.

The Cons of this program

– More diagrams should have been included.

– I would have appreciated some video footage of exercises.


There are some great bonuses included with Visions Without Glasses including the original research by Dr. Bates.  Two other bonuses are included, unlimited email support and eye charts.  The eye charts allow you to keep track of your progress without expensive trips to your optician.  These charts are very accurate and professionally done too.  The creator Duke Peterson promises unlimited email support for this product too.  This is a great bonus because if you do have any important questions that you can’t find the answer to, you can ask him.

I honestly think this program is a must for anyone with less than perfect eyesight.  I’d recommend this program personally to all my family and friends as it will save them thousands of dollars over their life in savings (because of glasses, contacts, laser eye surgery).

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