Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Vision-Without-GlassesWhen Dr. Duke Peterson, the author of Vision Without Glasses program, came to know of the work of Dr. W.H. Bates, he realized that what he had been doing all these years was not really helping people. Though he has been in the business of ophthalmology for more than 25 years, he realized that he was merely covering a deeper problem people were having.

Complete Transformation of Life with this Program

Dr. Duke says that the Vision Without Glasses program of Dr. Bates is a natural alternative to the popular methods and so, is revolutionary. This program can improve the eyesight of anybody. Problems like myopia, hyperopia, lazy eye, eye strain, cross eye, presbiopia, macular degeneration, Glaucoma, and a host of other issues can be rectified within weeks with this program. Simply put, this can completely transform the life of people who may be having these eye problems. In fact, the concept of Dr. Bates has had a profound effect on the life and optical practice of Dr. Duke.

Vision Without Glasses Program Can Hasten Recovery Remarkably

He has understood that the usual methods of wearing glasses or contact lenses may ruin the vision of people gradually. Dr. Duke is firm in asserting that the program of Dr. Bates will accelerate the recovery from vision problems by more than 400%. Dr. Duke points out that doctors as well as optometrists do not have the right information about this program and that is why they are skeptical about it.

Why People Should Not Opt For Laser Surgeries

A patient undergoes an eye operationThe Vision Without Glasses concept of Dr. Bates does not involve any harmful surgery and it is a natural way for restoring the vision of people. This program is even better than laser surgery. In fact, laser surgery is highly expensive and it can turn out to be harmful. Some people may see halos around lights, there may be worsened vision in a few others, some other people may have constant eye infections and there are cases in which the surgery has led to permanent blindness.

FDA has been receiving a large number of complaints about failed laser eye surgeries and it was during 2008 that FDA announced that they would re-evaluate laser eye surgeries for re-assessing their safety aspects.

Faulty Educational System

Dr. Duke says that our educational system makes us oblivious of many good and natural alternatives. That is the reason even ophthalmologists and optometrists are ignorant about the vision without glasses eye care program.

Preventive Treatment – the Need of the Hour

Dr. Bates came out with a bewildering secret about 90 years back and the secret is that glasses, if worn constantly, may worsen vision. Even the Optometric Extension Program Foundation opined in 1984 that minus glasses might not prevent further myopic progression but, they might rather increase the near-point stress.  In 1982, in the Journal of Optometry and Visual Development, it was clearly stated that the training that was being undergone by eye-care practitioners did not encourage preventive or remedial treatment.

Correcting Vision Problems on Your Own

work-stressThe most emphatic point Dr. Bates made in his Vision Without Glasses concept was that humans already have a natural ability to improve their vision and have good eye health. This means that every one of us can learn the latest and the most effective way to naturally fine-tune and heal our eyesight.

Dr. Duke points out that children, when they are born, are able to crawl, walk, and play without glasses. He quotes in his review the example of those people living in the Amazon and other remote places and dense forests who hunt, use their tools and do all their work without glasses. These people do not strain or squint their eyes nor do they struggle to focus on the objects they hunt. Dr. Duke stresses that vision problem is a trait that is learned over a period of time. People learn this bad trait by their habitual, unconscious or learned misuse of their eyes. According to Vision Without Glasses program, humans can get rid of this bad trait for which they have to learn the right way to see and practice it for a few minutes daily.

Dr. Duke points out that Vision Without Glasses program can help in improving eyesight naturally and he proudly says that he himself has helped hundreds of people to learn to “see” comfortably without glasses. He continues that some of those whom he helped are 80 years of age or even older.

Improved Vision after the Program is Certain

Dr. Dukes assures people that he will hand-hold them to learn the step-by-step process of the Vision Without Glasses program so that they can regain their 20-20 vision. The whole program will take only one to 3 months’ time and people can certainly have improved vision at the end of this period.

Super-Charged Program of Dr. Duke

vision-without-glassesDr. Dukes says that he spent a number of years for improving the secret concept of Dr. Bates and converting it into a super-charged program. In this program, there will be an action plan consisting of eye exercises that may take about 15 minutes daily and this action plan will enable the visual system to work as a cohesive and whole unit. This will result in self-correction of the vision and there will be crystal-clear sight at the end of 1 or 3 months. Simply put, this action plan is a natural way to regain the perfect 20-20 vision within this period.

Dr. Dukes assures that his super-charged program will remove the mental stress caused by the negative influences of authoritarian ophthalmologists and optometrists. People can learn to use glasses and contact lenses properly so as not to hinder the natural way to achieve the normal vision without glasses.

He says that doctors are committing a grave mistake in diagnosis by not knowing the difference between strained and stressed eyesight, but he gives solace to people by assuring that his super-charged Vision Without Glasses program will certainly correct their ailments.

Even the American Optometric Association has openly admitted in one of the journals that it is possible to correct vision problems with visual training. The Vision Without Glasses program of Dr. Duke comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Good News for Those who Suffer from Headaches

Dr. Duke has good news for those who suffer from constant headaches. He tells them that they can cure these headaches within seconds without the help of any pills or chemicals.

He points out that the Vision Without Glasses program will instill confidence in the minds of people that they can accomplish great feats because they will have certainly overcome their vision problems naturally.

The Vision Without Glasses program of Dr. Duke can bring cheer to people who may be facing hindrances in their lives due to their eye problems. They can get rid of these problems and if they have been wearing glasses or contact lenses, they can get rid of them too.


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