Friday, April 16, 2021
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work pics9Well, most of you out there have always longed for an attractive, muscular, healthy body. Now, what the majority of you would want is a nice, lean body, with packed up muscles on it and awesome looking skin to wrap it all up.

So, the common point that concerns every one of you who work out is that while building muscle, you get conscious as to how the shape of it is going to look. Now, not everyone wants an overdone look like the HULK. A lean, built body (something like Taylor Lautner’s) would sure win the desire of the majority.

While most body-building programs merely teach you how to pop out muscles, I guess none actually focus on the shape of the muscle that is going to appear by the end of the training session. An overly rounded-puffed up look (something like a professional WWE wrestler) is a huge turn off and isn’t what you want.

Rusty Moore, a fitness expert has come to your rescue with his program called “Visual Impact Muscle Building”. The name itself suggests that it emphasizes on the appearance of the muscles that you will gain with this program. All you men out there will finally have an effective solution with which you can achieve that lean, muscular physique without looking monstrous and bulky.

What is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Visual Impact Muscle Building review. The package is an approach that is laid on the foundation of targeting the internal anatomy of muscle and the ways in which it could be built to achieve results accordingly.

Moore precisely tells you which type of workouts would channel your muscle in the wrong places and make you end up looking like a bundle of balloons.

Visual Impact Muscle Building seeks to make you aware of the exercises that you should stay away from and the ones that you should adopt in order to enjoy a lean, fit and muscular body.

It educates you about the growth of muscle; whether it just takes place by the increase of fluid in muscle tissue-Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy or whether you are actually growing your muscle fibres- Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. The former leads to the bulky appearance, while the latter is what this program is all about.

The Three Phases To Muscle Building [The Lean Way].

The whole program is cut up into 3 phases.

1. Rapid Muscle Development. This phase demonstrates how you should develop muscles in the right places, without looking unsymmetrical [eg. huge chest, huge shoulders, tiny thighs- Johnny Bravo style] haha… that’s something that most of you would never want. So in this phase you will learn how to channel your muscle in the desired places with the help of workouts; in a short period of time.

2. Enhancing Muscle Definition And Strength. Of course you just don’t want air-bags or water-bags on your shoulders. You just need those strong, dense muscles that will even bend a pin which tries to puncture it. Well, that’s just exaggeration. But indeed, this phase will ensure that you build muscles that are strong, flexible and durable.

3. Getting Shredded. Although cardio might be really tiring for most of you men out there, Moore’s program requires you to do some HIIT cardio, i.e., High Intensity Interval Training. This shows you how to burn body fat while retaining muscle mass. HIIT cardio takes much lesser time than the regular cardio, but is exhausting. However, the results that you get are totally worth all this.

The package contains two e-books, which are easily downloadable in the form of Visual Impact Muscle Building pdfs. They contain different kind of exercises. Moore doesn’t force you to do only some particular workouts, you are given the liberty to choose from the list and do whatever you like. Also, the package contains Printable Workout Charts that show you the amount of rest, reps and sets needed for each of the phases.


large1. The results are effective and lasting. Although you need to put in a lot of hard-work for a less amount of time, it is totally worth it, as the results that you will get are extremely fruitful. Moreover, they just don’t fade away, they will be yours to flaunt, provided you adhere to the program.

2. You don’t end up looking bulky. Unlike other muscle building program, Visual Impact Muscle Building doesn’t just give you exercises that will puff you up. Infact, you are taught how to build muscle in the right places and look stunningly lean with that perfectly narrow waist, broad shoulders and a metallic-shield-like chest.

3. Common fads are exposed. The measures that can potentially reduce your chances of reaching your goal are discussed very precisely and Moore tells you why and how you should keep them at bay.

4. You get to choose your own exercises. Visual Impact Muscle Building doesn’t demand that you change your entire routine and follow this one. It provides you with the liberty to choose which exercise you want to do from a list of workouts.

5. The Workout Charts simplify the grasping of the entire process. You don’t have to go through the entire book all over again to find your routines. All that surfing time is saved by workout charts which you can print and paste anywhere and use as a quick reference.


1. Not a quick fix. You cannot magic-wand your way into looking all Hollywood material overnight. This program requires time, hard-work and patience. It is worth all the effort as the results do not melt away.

2. Not suitable for men with bad medical conditions. Those of you who have any sort of issues with your medical health might as well consult your physicians before getting into this.

3. The workouts are stressful. As I have told you, Visual Impact Muscle Building does include exhausting workouts like cardio. So you do have to put in effort to experience results. It is not just a walk in the park.

4. Reading might not be something that interests everyone. Not everyone has the patience and time to read. But trust me, if you take out a little time for this one (it’s not all complicated), you will be more than happy to see how it works for you.

After all those insane muscle building programs that you might have tried out, you should have discovered by now that this is one clever approach that targets muscle building while keeping in mind the lean structure that most of you men out there hanker after. Visual Impact Muscle Building comes with a no hassle 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of trial incase you’re anything less than satisfied. That should be convincing enough to launch you to go get it right away. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, so I guess you really should give this program a shot. Good luck, stay charming.


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