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Visual Impact Muscle Building Details

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Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore is a program which promises to help guys get the bodies they have always dreamed of.  The program promises a ripped and lean body instead of a heavy bodybuilder body.  This is the body type most men want and the body most women respond to.  Think of Hollywood stars that are lean and ripped instead of being massively muscular.  Think of Daniel Craig in the James Bond movies, Taylor Lautner in the Twilight movies, and Ryan Reynolds.  This is referred to as “Functional Fitness” as it allows the body to still be fast and athletic instead of slow and bulky.

Who is Rusty Moore?

Rusty MooreRusty Moore is a well-known fitness author and expert.  He is known for his blog “Fitness Black Book”.  He has also created fitness products such as the free guide to abs, “Ab Blueprint”.  He is a fitness consultant by trade and he specializes in helping men achieve the body of an underwear model.  He believes most of the fitness industry caters to people who want to look like bodybuilders.  However, many people want to actually look lean and fit rather be massively bulky.  Additionally research has shown that women prefer the lean and fit body type to the bodybuilder type body type.  Rusty is perhaps one of the few people in the fitness industry that specializes in training to get the sexy body men want to have and women desire.

What are the Principles of Visual Impact Muscle Building

Three Stages to Get a Ripped Body

The program is divided into three stages.  The first stage is focused on hypertrophy or building a lot of muscle.  The second phase is focused on strengthening those muscles and definition.  The third phase is focused on losing as much fat as possible while still increasing muscle strength.  This is where your body gets really ripped.  Additionally there is a bonus stage called the “Shrink Wrap” stage.  At this stage your skin is a bit too big because it takes time for your skin to catch up to your body’s weight loss.  This is countered by quickly gaining a bit of muscle which gives you that extra bit of definition that makes the ladies swoon.

 Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy vs Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

Rusty Moore goes over the difference between these two types of muscle growth.  Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy occurs when the muscle expands because of extra fluid inside the muscle.  This kind of muscle growth can occur quickly but it gives a doughy look to the muscle.  Additionally it doesn’t make the muscle a lot stronger either.  Myofibrallar hypertrophy on the other hand occurs when the muscle fibers grow in size.  This form of training isn’t as quick but it leads to far more strength gain and it looks more defined too.  The program focuses on both so that you get the benefits of both types of muscle growth.  If you focus only on Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy training you get muscle that’s big but not defined.  On the other hand if you focus only on Myofibrallar training you’ll have very defined and strong muscles but you will undersized.  Visual Impact Muscle Building focuses on giving you the best of both types of muscle development.

Shrink Wrapping Your Body (the secret Visual Impact Muscle Building principle)

Another concept that Rusty Moore focuses in on is “shrink wrapping” your body.  He explains that when we lose weight we tend to have an extra bit of skin that isn’t “filled” up.  It takes skin to catch up to your new body so you have a bit of extra skin which hurts your definition and look.  His solution to “shrink wrapping” is to gain muscle right at the end of your lean muscle phase.  If done in the right way you can get the look that actors like Taylor Lautner have.  You will have an intense visual impact on everyone you meet.  Visual Impact Muscle Building is primarily focused on making sure you dazzle with your body.

Varied Nutritional Plans

Rusty Moore offers a well-developed nutritional and diet plan.  The plan is focused on intermittent fasting and the foods in it are cheap and easy to buy.  He advocates different amounts of calorie intake and food depending on the phase you are working on.  Phase 1 is where you eat the most in an effort to gain as much weight as possible.  There are no expensive supplements or super foods you have to include in your diet either.  The diet plan is focused heavily on protein as it’s a muscle building block.

Effective Exercise Program

Visual Impact Muscle Building includes a very effective exercise program with information on a wide range of workouts that will help you gain that ripped body.  There are weight training exercises, as well as bodyweight exercises.  There are such a large number of options that you can pick and choose whatever exercises are most convenient for you (if you don’t have a gym membership).  He gives a detailed guide to how you should do these exercises and use them in combination to become stronger and more ripped.

My Personal Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

The product is very unique in that it has an aim that most fitness products don’t.  It helps men achieve the dream body they want without it being too bulky or too skinny.  The goal of this product is to help you gain that Adonis body.  Most other programs either focus on weight gain or weight loss without any actual focus on getting a balanced body.  The principles in Visual Impact Muscle Building are scientifically proven, and the nutritional plans are well suited to the aim of initially gaining muscle and then losing fat.  I’d give Visual Impact Muscle Building a solid 4 out of 5 points.

What’s Included in the Program?

The program includes the main eBook which has all the information, an exercise demonstration eBook, and printable workout charts to keep track of your progress.  The program costs a total of 47 dollars.  In my opinion this is a fair price for such an effective exercise program.  Buy Visual Impact Muscle Building, stick with the workouts, eat right, and you will have a body that would put a Greek God to shame.

Take my advice, make a commitment to follow Rusty’s day by day routine without quitting and you WILL achieve the Hollywood look! Click here to start your journey!

Visual Impact Muscle Building

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