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Psoriasis-Free-For-Life-ReviewPsoriasis, also termed Psoriasis vulgaris is an auto-immune skin disease. It is characterized by the scaling of skin, along with the appearance of red patches that may be confined to a particular region or spread throughout the body. The patches vary in size and shape and cause discomfort as they are mostly itchy and stinging at times. Psoriasis is also accompanied by papules and plaques. 2-4% of the global population are affected by this skin disorder in which the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell to be pathogenic and triggers off signals to try and eliminate normal skin cells. This is why the skin tends to keep scaling and shedding. Psoriatic arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and this affects 30% of the people that are already suffering from psoriasis.

Psoriasis is classified into 5 types, depending upon the frequency of occurrence of the symptoms and the intensity of the disorder. They include – plaque, pustular, inverse psoriasis, guttate psoriasis and erythrodermic psoriasis. The disorder doesn’t remained confined to the skin psoriasis also tends to spark off ill effects on the other organs of the human body. Immune-mediated conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are associated with the onset of psoriasis, along with a couple of other cardio-vascular diseases and a fair risk of certain types of cancers.

The condition isn’t contagious, but is extremely annoying and unsightly. The affected person may withdraw from social interactions and there are high chances of depression stealing away every last bit of self-confidence. So far, there haven’t been any known cures for psoriasis, although there are multiple treatments that can suppress the symptoms for a while. So if you are suffering from psoriasis and need a little insight on which treatment could work for you, you’re at the right page.

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What Causes Psoriasis?

As psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, the causes are quite confusing and not completely understood. However, there are a few theories that can explain the same upto a certain extent.

1. Medications. Withdrawal from corticosteroids can very potentially spark off psoriasis. Lipid-lowering drugs, antimalarial drugs, NSAIDs ( Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs ), beta blockers, lithium, calcium channel blockers and many other chemical drugs have a very strong link with psoriasis induction.

133_02. Genetics. Genetic factors are responsible for the development of psoriasis. Along with environmental conditions, genetics account for 1/3rd of the psoriasis-affected patients. Identical twins are also susceptible to the disease- if one twin has psoriasis, there are 70% chances of the advancement of the disorder to the other twin as well. The risk drops to 20% in the case of non-identical twins. Psoriasis is associated with many genes and has a strong hereditary component.

3. Lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can worsen the condition. Alcohol consumption, smoking and obesity make it all the more difficult to get rid of psoriasis. Scratching, hot water, change in the climate, stress, bad eating habits and excessive skin dryness can further aggravate the condition.

4. HIV. Psoriasis takes on a chronic form in those with HIV/AIDS and is almost non curable with conventional medicine. People with HIV are more susceptible to psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and the disease is very common in HIV positive patients.

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A Permanent Cure for Psoriasis

As the disease is both unsightly and irritating to an extent that it can stir up social withdrawal and lowered self-esteem in almost all affected people, psoriasis also attracts attention from many medical branches. There are numerous approaches for the treatment of psoriasis, but as I’ve mentioned already, none are known to wipe away the disorder permanently. Allopathy is one of the most sought after route to treat psoriasis, but less do people know that chemical drugs can worsen the condition irreparably and infact trigger many other undesirable effects and a lot of other complications. Chemical drugs can never be prescribed for long-term use owing to all these drawbacks apart from the fact that there are certain drugs that actually induce psoriasis.

imagesHome remedies are better than conventional medicine any day. They just need to be clubbed in the right combination, else the disorder could go haywire. There arises the need for a proper guide to segregate working formulae from the hoax ones. A guide that provides enough insight regarding psoriasis that will shield the user from falling prey to any kind of fraudulence and cures the disease permanently- “Psoriasis Free for Life”. Authored by Katy Wilson, the book stands out from other psoriasis treatments as it doesn’t just sweep the itch under the rug, but detaches the entire thing right from the root. The book teaches you all about the disease- what is psoriasis, why is it caused and how you can take it down forever whether it is psoriasis on hands, face or anyplace else.

3 simple steps are all it would take to get rid of psoriasis-


Psoriasis Free for Life is based on holistic healing which means that it takes care of the disease both internally and externally, mentally and physically- a strategy that’s seldom found in other treatments. No doubt there’s no provision of an over-night cure, but it is pretty fast for something that could potentially bring permanent relief. Psoriasis Free for life works for everyone irrespective of age, sex, race and the intensity of the disease. Gazillions of people have witnessed positive results, reading and following this easily downloadable eBook. Whether it is inverse, plaque, erythrodermic, pustular of guttate psoriasis treatment is made as easy as abc with Psoriasis Free for Life.

The Verdict

Psoriasis Free for life works fast, you will start experiencing changes in less than 3 days. The book is inexpensive, doesn’t include any chemical drugs and doesn’t precipitate side effects of any kind. Also, you get slimmer and toned up with better mental peace. And you can get rid of the disease no matter where it has spread- psoriasis hands, legs, scalp, etc. Apart from all of these benefits, there are 7 free bonuses that accompany the package-

BONUS #1: Superfoods for Optimum Health- Chlorella and Spirulina
BONUS #2: The Healing Power of Water
BONUS #3: 177 Ways to Burn Calories
BONUS #4: Supplementing With Superfoods
BONUS #5: The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
BONUS# 6: 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
BONUS #7: A Handbook of Health

That’s not all, if you aren’t satisfied with the results of the book, there is a 100% cash-back offer within 8 weeks of purchase. So, when there’s absolutely nothing to lose but psoriasis, I think this is definitely your best bet. The only possible downside to Psoriasis Free for Life is that it isn’t available in the form of a hard copy, you could solve that by getting printouts. So go ahead and get your copy right away and kick-start your journey to a psoriasis-free life!

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