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vitiligo-miracle-cover“VITILIGO” is a skin condition that causes discoloration in some areas of the skin. Vitiligo-affected skin has patches of de-pigmented skin and is primarily caused by the dysfunction of cells called “MELANOCYTES”. These melanocytes are cells that impart pigment to the skin- light or dark. Vitiligo happens when they fail to do their job.

The exact causes of vitiligo remain a mystery to researchers and scientists, but the condition is thought to be triggered by auto-immune, neural, genetic or viral factors. Oxidative stress could also be a prime mover of vitiligo. The world-wide prevalence of the disorder is less than 1%.

Vitiligo is mainly categorized into 2 types- IDOPATHIC and CHEMICAL. Of the two, the former is more common than the latter. Chemical vitiligo happens due to skin bleaching and exposing the skin to chemicals that are capable of sparking off vitiligo. Despite the occurrence of the condition not being very significant, vitiligo cannot be ignored. It isn’t known to cause lethality, but mars the appearance of people, causing reduced confidence. This draws a lot of attention toward vitiligo, resulting in the birth of manifold treatments to manage the disease.

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Types of Vitiligo

Based on the appearance, prevalence and etiology, the condition can be ranked into two kinds which are-


Abbreviated as NSV, in this type,  bleached patches are located in areas where there is some form of symmetry. The patches multiply and can either spread all over the body or remain confined to a particular region. NSV can affect people belonging to any age group, and is further classified into 5 types-

GENERAL VITILIGO: This is the most common kind and the pigment-free patches are scattered randomly all over the body.

Vitiligo-SymptomsUNIVERSAL VITILIGO: Also referred to as Vitiligo Universalis, this form of vitiligo spares very little of pigmented skin, more than 3/4th of the skin is affected.

ACROFACIAL VITILIGO: Affects the fingers and periorificial area.

FOCAL VITILIGO: As the name suggests, this kind is mostly location specific, where large patches are focused on one particular region. Children are most targeted.

MUCOSAL VITILIGO: Only attacks mucosal membranes.


This type of vitiligo turns stable if not treated. Unlike NSV, segmental vitiligo (SV) annexes quickly and isn’t related to auto-immune disorders. SV is unilateral and infects areas that are linked with dorsal roots from the spine. This form is easily manageable. Topical treatments deliver good results in case of SV.

Signs and Symptoms of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is easy to identify as it alters the appearance of skin in a typical way, making its presence obvious. However, the signs and vitiligo symptoms can be listed out as –

1. Pigment-less patches on the skin.

2. The patches are small initially, but advance in terms of growth and number.

3. When coupled with skin lesions, they occur on the face, hands and wrists.

laser_treats_vitiligo_pigmentation_loss_20130129014905_320_2404. When vitiligo-affected skin is exposed to Black Light (UV light), it tends to reflect yellow, blue or green shades, while normal skin doesn’t show any such behavior.

5. The de-pigmented patches are also lined by hyper-pigmented skin. This occurs around the body orifices- the nose, mouth, eyes, etc.

6. Vitiligo causes mood-disorders or depression in patients.

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How to Get Rid of Vitiligo Permanently

David Paltrow, a certified nutritionist, medical researcher, health consultant and author has helped people across 123 countries to get rid of vitiligo permanently. This, he has done with the help of a formula that was worked upon for more than a decade with the objective of treating vitiligo permanently and fast. The program is called “VITILIGO MIRACLE and is witnessed by thousands of people to cure vitiligo of all types within 7 days. It is available in the form of an easily downloadable eBook.

The health issues related with vitiligo also detach themselves from the patient, and the skin begins to regain its pigment, regardless of how intense the condition is. Also, this isn’t a short-term cure. The results last forever, provided the regimen is strictly adhered to. VITILIGO MIRACLE battles it out with the condition internally, externally as well as psychologically. This 5-step sure-fire process doesn’t include any drugs or dermatological procedures and is backed by nutritional experts in the treatment of vitiligo.

Why is Vitiligo Miracle Unique?

Vitiligo Miracle stands out from other approaches to cure vitiligo for the following reasons-

vitiligo-before-and-after-treatment-8-334x3301. It is an all-natural, holistic route to a vitiligo-free life and contains no chemicals.

2. The recurrence of the condition is made impossible by Vitiligo Miracle.

3. Not only the symptoms, but the other factors like depression that are associated with vitiligo are also banished.

4. Absolutely zero side effects are precipitated. Also, there aren’t any drug-interactions.

5. The book educates you with the dos and don’ts of vitiligo, clearing all myths and confusion regarding which treatments to adopt and what to avoid.

6. Vitiligo Miracle is comparatively inexpensive. UV treatments, surgical procedures, chemical drugs are costly and require a continuous stock as they aren’t permanent, and if permanent, not everyone can afford them. So why go for something so expensive when a cheaper option can do the job more effectively?


Given the existence of numerous treatments that claim to cure vitiligo, the decision to adopt any one of them grows tougher. Home remedies mostly fail to attract credibility as the condition seems to be almost permanent, so people tend to resort to conventional methods to treat vitiligo. Some of the most famous personalities like Michael Jackson have also battled it out with the disease, using surgical methods. However, these aren’t affordable by everyone plus they do not drive away other health problems linked with vitiligo, also, they dump you in a pile of side effects.

On the contrary, the only dark-sides of Vitiligo Miracle are so little-
– People need to be patient and work hard to adapt to the instructions of the book.
– The book isn’t available in the form of a hard copy. You can get it printed though.

Further, there’s an excellent provision of getting a 100% cash-back within 60 days of purchase if you aren’t satisfied with the results. Paltrow also offers 5 bonuses with Vitiligo Miracle-

BONUS #1 – The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures for Vitiligo

BONUS #2 – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

BONUS #3 – The Healing Power of Water

BONUS #4 – The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation

BONUS #5 – The Beginners Guide to Yoga and Meditation

BONUS #6 – Secrets to Sleeping Soundly
That’s not all, along with the package you also get lifetime updates of the product and a 3-month one-on-one counselling with Paltrow himself. This way, nothing’s at stake from your side, so why not give it a shot and kick-start your journey to a vitiligo-free life!


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